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What is Happening?

Discussion in 'Indiana Whitetail Hunting' started by jbwhttail, Feb 27, 2006.

  1. I attended the IBA annual meeting and banquet this past weekend. I was not able to attend the WHOLE presentation by Dr Mitchell but what I did get was this.

    We had a RECORD HARVEST, "KILL" for 2005 it was 125,500+. Of that 73,000 plus were anterless and 52,000 were antlered. The antlered buck harvest decreased 4%, while the antlerless harvest was up......

    I also heard Dr Mitchell say that the age structure had moved since OBR but they were "not sure" of the cause...............

    Guess this kills the opponents assertion that the biologist said it would not make a difference, now they aint sure........

    Also Dr Mitchell stated a survey would go out to "deer hunters" and be a part of the equation. Unless CutNSoot can get his list used....... Slam Dunk!

    This just keeps getting better!!!

    On Friday of the DEER & Turkey Expo I overheard a IDNR official state, "you guys have Dr Mitchell wrong on his opposition to the OBR"............

    The five years given may have been enough, now to extend it......

    Fellas, there is no such thing as a pemanent rule, but if you extend this one say 10 years...........

    Permanent rule would allow a change in two years...... go the ten!!!
  2. Go BABY Go!!!!!!!

  3. Harvest totals..

    1999 –
    Antlered - 46,371
    Antlerless – 53,247
    Total – 99,618

    2000 –Antlered - 44,621
    Antlerless – 54,104
    Total – 98,725

    2001 –
    Antlered - 48,357
    Antlerless – 54,806
    Total –103,163

    2002 –
    Antlered – 47,177
    Antlerless – 57,251
    Total –104,428

    2003 –
    Antlered - 49,533
    Antlerless – 57,453
    Total –106,986

    2004 –
    Antlered - 54,768 (Record)
    Antlerless – 68,290
    Total –123,058

    2005 –
    Antlered - 52,490 (4,133 more than 2001 – pre-OBR, 2nd highest buck kill ever)
    Antlerless – 73,036 ( record is 1996 with 75,771)
    Total – 125,526 (record)

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  4. What is your point CUT?????:coco:
  5. just more ramblings ............

    Just a bunch more of trend that CutN would like people to believe....

    As I said Dr Mitchell said there is not data to say one way or another conclusively. What will happen is a survey will be mailed and public comment will be taken.

    And we all know how this one will end........ CutNShoot and his minority will slide into the sunset.

    This one has been written for 5 years.... we will never go back!
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  6. O B R

    I believe...that I like what Joe just said......
  7. Joe...How is it determined who gets the surveys?...Will it go to all deer hunters who have purchased tags?...Or is it just a random sampling of hunters selected and the surveys go out to them?

  8. How is survey done

    It is a totaly random survey made up of all deer hunters, landowner hunters, youth, lifetime and regular deer license purchasers. It is also made up of gun and archery hunters alike. I believe I heard the criteria was deer hunting in the past 4 years.

    By the way I have never received a survey....
  9. I think the only survey I have ever received from the state was one to fill out documenting the different wildlife I saw, # 's of each, etc. Something similiar to what they used to ask when you checked in a deer.
  10. I have also never recieved a deer hunting survey even though I've been hunting/killing them for the last 24 years.

    I'm due I guess.:coolgleam
  11. I got one a couple years ago. Wouldn't you know it...I filled up the whole back page with my comments......:evil: