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what is the best rifle size for deer

Discussion in 'Indiana Whitetail Hunting' started by oldbuckkiller, Feb 10, 2007.

  1. oldbuckkiller

    oldbuckkiller Banned

    Ok guys now that we can use rifles can any of you tell me what is .357 and larger reason is i have a .45 long colt rifle could i use it this fall.
  2. Have I missed something? Don't believe this is a given.
    If your talking about hunting deer in Indiana that is.

  3. Best example I've seen of why we don't need rifles for deer hunting in Indiana.......
  4. NOOOOOOO rifles, i cannot see indiana turning into a rifle tootin state.:mad: :mad: :mad: .They got to go screw things up just when it was gettin good. I'm stikin with my bow.
  5. 12 gauge is .357 and larger....use that....
  6. Ask smiley or ironsights..... they know.
  7. Oh god....Here we go again.

  8. i have had good luck with a knight in 50 cal. , 100 gr of pyrodex,45xtp
  9. If it becomes law - a 357 sized bullet and case would be the smallest and a 1.625 inch case would be the longest you could use.
  10. I use 90 grains (Volume) of "Loose" FFG Triple 7 behind a .452" 250 grain jacketed pistol bullet (XTP Hornady) with high pressure T/C sabot, all fired by a 209 primer, in my T/C Black Diamond .50. Receive the best accuracy with this load.
  11. that made me bust a gut lol. but your exactly right.:biggrin:
  12. just thought that might get read over a little too easily...
  13. No, I was actually being serious. Send them a PM.
  14. I've been quite satisfied by my .490 roundball pushed ahead of 75 grains of FFF black powder. Helps to have a fresh, sharp flint, too.
  15. I have a Hunting Buddy, in Kentucky, that uses that very same load! He baged a nice Doe with it during their December M/L Season. His M/L is a Flintlock also.