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What is the Indiana Record

Discussion in 'Indiana Whitetail Hunting' started by bonecollector14, Aug 7, 2017.

  1. So all I can find is Tim's Buck but what is the Indiana Record for all bucks. Typical Non Bow, Shotgun, Muzzleloader all the above I cant find a list of the record.
  2. I would think you would have to look at the various record keeping organizations (B&C, P&Y, HRB and the like) and see if they have the top entries per state per classification. I'm not sure of one place to find all that info.
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  3. I asked this one time and was told there was a Hoosier Record Buck Book I could buy that would have that info (kind of like the B x C book). I did not pursue it so can't vouch for that but have never seen this info anywhere else. Indiana Game and Fish publishes the top 10 or so bucks taken with each weapon after the season is over, but does not list historical records, just single season bests.
  4. The HRBP does not pull records from other organizations. One must submit their deer to HRBP for inclusion. I bet some are in P&Y/B&C and not in HRBP.

    Some folks don't know about record groups, and some just don't care. Bet some nice racks are just collecting dust (when the old man finally passes the widow will get rid of all his mounts).

    My buddy finally got into HRBP and a friends dad got in years ago. I have one in, so now that all 3 of us are in, I will purchase the book (to put next to my deer). Kinda cool knowing some people in it (know a few other guys).
  5. It seems to me like, ironically, there is more emphasis on trophy bucks and inches of antler, but less on the actual clubs. When I was a teenager in the 80's, Pope and Young was huge. It was kind of the goal of every bowhunter to shoot a buck that would make the minimum. I don't ever hear about P & Y any more.
  6. P&Y used to not allow bows over 65% let off. Private club...........their book...........their rules. Yup, every bowhunter wanted to be in it...........well lets say old bowhunter LOL

    New folks wanted the glory, but didn't like P&Y's pitched a fit and eventually P&Y changed. It was harder before the allowance, to get bows that were within the old spec, but you could get Mathews or Hoyts around 2005 or 2006 ordered with 65% let off instead of more.

    Most new bow models were not of such offering. Heck, sounds like a good marketing deal.........a Pope and Young model (specific title). But most people didn't care about the book and wanted something with high let-off and short axle to axle. Of course now people want longer A2A and they've learned high let off aint all it's cracked up to be.


    P&Y caved.....was it not changing with the times or whimping out? Was it an ethics deal or simply money?

    Proly money.

    True, some people won't pay to have their deer put in a book.

    Book entry, buying the book, a plaque with the score sheet..........$$$$$$
  7. Here is some data from IGF:
    Top typical:
    - 195 5/8 Dave Roberts, Indiana Co., 1985
    - 194 2/8 D. Bates and S. Winkler (that's what it says!), Vigo, 1983
    - 192 3/8 Walter Johnson, Jennings, 1997

    Top NT:
    - 303 7/8 T. Beck, Huntington, 2012
    - 262 Richard Eldridge, Miami, 2016
    - 251 4/8 Timothy Goode, Hendricks, 1980

    No info on weapons.

    It's interesting to me that all the top typicals were harvested before QDM and OBR (which I support BTW) were a thing. With what is happening with all the deer farms in our state, I suspect that top tier of the non-typicals will get shuffled around. Just a hunch.