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What is the word....

Discussion in 'Mushroom Hunting' started by rico, May 7, 2006.

  1. Still finding them around Warsaw...just curious as to how you "northern" boys are doing!!!! I believe they are just about done around here.......
  2. Found around 200 in the last three days up here in Steuben. Mostly yellows...a few small grays. One more rain and i think there'll be another round.

  3. It's has been rough around here most of the rain is to the north or south and without rain them little guys are hard to find.
  4. they are done...stick a fork in me!!!!!!
  5. Havent been out since last wednesday but we havent had any rain since that time so i'd say there probably done. They were getting hard to find last week with the weed growth. A man here in cass county found a 12 inch sponge last week. It was on the local news.
  6. I talked to a friend at church and he told me that his dad and brother found over 200 at their place in and around Angola. They are still finding a few if you are where the rain belt has been this year. No more hunting shrooms for me I will just keep fishing. Well maybe I will hunt once or twice more if it looks like a good area.
  7. That is my man!!! The ones I have been finding around Pierceton lately are old and mildewy. I, myself, will probably go out one more time if we get some rain around here....
  8. Shroom season nearing end in NE Indiana.

    I found a half dozen big yellows on Sun. evening here in DeKalb (S. of Stueben County). They were the last variety and a little dry. If we should happen to get a big rain, I'd probably give it one last look around my area, but I know from years past that it is basically over in the NE. Most of my shroom hunting nut friends will be going to Michigan in the next couple weeks.
  9. Found (6) pounds Sunday and (4) pounds Monday up in St Joseph County. This is one of the best years we had up there. Some Grey's, but mostly Yellows....
  10. Going up to Northern Michigan this weekend- will report later what we find:)
  11. Don't give up yet... This rain and cool temps has breathed new life into the Morels! We went out for an hour yesterday and found 30 or so, my daughter found one that was about 13 inches tall, and was so large it could not support itself... We're going back out this afternoon (right after lunch:evil: ) We may have another week of morels thanks to the weather.....
  12. ccavacini

    ccavacini Super Mod Mod

    I dreamed I found a bunch of Morels....does that count?
  13. Got back this afternoon from up North - It was cold and rainy. We found about 10 pounds of white morels and a few blacks. The black morels are about all done. The season is as much as a week and 1/2 to 2 weeks further ahead than it usually is by Mother's day. Maybe we will go back next weekend? :)
  14. Thanks for the update "moss hawg"! Found a few over the week end here. Thinking about going to Wisconsin in a week. Will I miss them?
  15. found 9 yellows last night and 27 today........ didn't expect to find much, but pleasantly suprised!