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What it is? Mushroom

Discussion in 'Mushroom Hunting' started by 410, Sep 14, 2006.

  1. Hey I just put a picture in the gallery. Tell jim and I what kind of mushroom this is and can we eat it. Hurry. :yikes: :yikes:
  2. Looks Like Just Some Fungus I Wouldnt Eat It

  3. It's a power can eat it if you want, but unplug it first.
  4. calculater

    You might try seasoning that power strip with some of that old calculater, unplugged. Mmmmm:help:
  5. I have no idea...I figured you and Jim being old timers could tell us!!!!!
  6. Tucker, the scientific name of that one is Eatimus Makudeadimus. Although quite dericious the flavor only lasts for a few minutes...after that you take a real looooooong nap!!!!!!!!!Don't eat that thing man........I've heard from Scott that Jim likes to eat some pretty wild stuff, but don't eat that one fellas!!!!!!!!
  7. looks like it may be a green spored lepiota .... toxic .... will kill ya ... lol ... dont eat it
  8. I'd agree its some kind of lepiota, but I'm not sure on the species. If in doubt -throw it out :)
  9. Hey Weimer,

    Want to come over for a new mushroom recipe I'm trying out?
  10. Dr. Weimer

    That's Dr. Weimer to you. Did you see how he pulled that scientific name right out of his a**. Impressive Dean. I wouldn't eat it...
  11. Yes, Princess, it's Dr. you especially. I'll come over for the 'shroom recipe, but I'll allow you to eat first...that's what kind of friend I am. My friends are always first.

    Hey, have you got my stands up yet???? I'd like to sit next to that one Chicory plot...........I still have received no apology about the fact that the Chicory is being utilized, and for months I was badgered and belittled (while all the while being right this surprises anyone.)

    Chicory, dickory Dock........

    Actually Dawg, I didn't pull it out of my just came to me. It's a Rainman sort of talent. "I'm an excellent driver....K-Mart Sucks"!!!!!
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