What kind of tackle bags do you use?

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  1. Last 2 years I've been using an old duffle bag to throw some of my stuff (little boxes of this little boxes of that...) in so I don't have to take the whole tackle box. I throw my little tackle bag that I use to wade (4 boxes 6x4"), and several other little boxes I have stuff in 3x8". but I usually take 5-gallon bucket with me as well to sit on and take stuff with in or fish on the way out. Yesterday I had the bright idea to use a backpack to save on the labor it takes to carry with both hands all my junk. Worked good but was just too small, so i'm looking at different backpacks and trying to find something medium sized to throw my stuff in and throw on my back instead of carring stuff with both hands. I do this only when I walk into a place or am bank fishing somewhere.

    What do you guys use, or what kind of ideas so you have?

  2. I have 4 boxes set up, one for bass, walleye, pike & muskie and one for live bait rigging. I do as you do for small outings or bank fishing, take what I need and put it in a small bag I can carry over a shoulder.
    If you have my luck, you'll always find you don't have what you need at that moment, which is why 410 goes with the steamer trunk on a hand dolly.

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    I use the soft tackle bags which hold the plastic boxes...I've got two of them and will never go back to a hard tackle box...It's easy to switch plastic boxes (crank baits, spinners, jigs, hooks, etc.)

    Also have 4 small zip up tackle pouches which have zip lock like inserts in them to keep all my worms, tubes, lizards, etc
  4. Sometimes a walmart bag :biggrin: I have two or three lap top black computer zip up cases they were throwing away at school and i put the plastic tackle boxes in them - one fixed up for salmon/steelhead and one for panfish.:) I don't fish for those bigmouth green carp.:coco:
  5. I carry 3 soft sided bags with the plastic boxes in the boat. One for hard baits and such, one for plastics and the stuff to use them, one for live bait and panfish jigs, and one for my limited supply of pike sized lures.

    When I wade or bank fish ponds, I have small baits and live bait rigs in 4 x 6 boxes that I carry in a canvas shoulder bag that I also use as a possibles during muzzle loader season.
  6. Thanks Quail, I have a little tackle: one bag that has 12 3700 plastic boxes, another bag that has 8 3700 plastic boxes, another bag that has 6 3700 plastic boxes, another two bags that has 4 3600 plastic boxes, plastic tackle box that has 3 3700 plastic boxes, 2 small tackle boxes, a back pack and old yes my bank fishing machine - I took a old golf cart that Rookie would pull around on the golf course and put a tackle box, a bait box, and it holds two or three poles, a 5 gallon bucket for you catch and a small cooler for drinks. Will take a picture sometimes and put in on the site, so those who golf or those who don't golf will know what a pull golf cart can be used for. I also have 4 boats. A fisherman never has enough equipment. RIGHT... I almost forgot I also have 36 poles and reels and 4 22 foot cane poles.:fish: :fish: :fish: :bowdown: :bowdown:
  7. A couple of years ago I found a handy dandy little way to store my spinner baits. I bought a soft sided zip up CD case with a lot of pages in it. I put my spinner baits in the sleeves that the CD's would go in. There are plenty of pages/sleeves to allow for individual spinner baits to be put in each one. This prevents your tackle box from being cluttered with spinner baits that get tangled, skirts melting, color bleed over, etc. For my other baits I do the following: I have all my baits separated by type. I have a plastic box for all crank baits, a plastic box for all worms, a plastic box for all top water baits, a plastic box with all bass fishing jigs, a plastic box for all large baits for Canada fishing trips - and now I can use them for the elusive Hoosier Muskie!!!, a plastic box for panfishing must haves like hooks, sinkers, bobbers, etc. All of these are kept in a soft sided tackle box with a carry strap. There are several other zippered storage compartments in the tackle box for carrying pliers, jars of pork rinds for jig n' pig fishing, extra line, emergency medical kit, etc. On most fishing trips I take everything with me except for the Canada baits. With this setup I can be versatile and take out what I don't thing I'll need or to be on the safe side I can take it all and have everything I think I'll need. Last summer while creek fishing I carried an over the shoulder trout fishing bag that was good for carrying a small plastic box with small baits for creek fishing and it worked great.
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    Now, that's a good idea...been looking for something to kee the spinnerbaits in.
  9. Thanks, Randy. That cd case for spinnerbaits is a good idea.
  10. Thanks Tree, I might just have to use that idea, I believe i have some of those just laying around the house.

    Thanks for all your ideas. As of right now i've got a camo US Military medium size alice pack heading my way from ebay. They shipped via USPS, so I can't seem to track the item very well, kinda irritating!


  11. Another thing I do, which I failed to mention, is cut the weight info off the spinnerbait packages and slide it in the spinnerbait pocket so I know for sure what weight spinnerbait I'm throwin'.