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What makes a nice mount?

Discussion in 'Indiana Whitetail Hunting' started by Ridgerunner, Dec 13, 2006.

  1. I shot one of the biggest deer I've taken this year. This is a really special buck for me. It's this first time in 20 years of hunting I've ever taken a deer on Thanksgiving. I had pictures on the trail cam of this buck and started watching him on July of this year. After a full bow season of hunting him and eluding me, I finally connected Nov 23 ,2006.

    My question is:
    I have several mounts of deer taken in the past, 5 to be exact.I want to have this deer mounted different than the normal straight, upright or left turn, right turn etc... What are some good mount poses, or are there any new poses out that look cool. I want something different but not too radical. If you have pictures, please share them... I'll post some pics later of the deer I took, I have to download them again from photobucket..:help: Thanks, Ridgerunner
  2. Smeak and semi-sneak are pretty cool looking.
    I have a full sneak corner mount, you have to hang it in a corner, it has two hanging brackets and two sides that mount to the wall, its pretty cool also.

  3. Yeah i'm wth gizmo go with the sneak posses. I have a hunting buddy down in alabama that has those posses, and they are killer lookin. theres also another pose that is pretty cool, but it is a half body mount of a buck, the buck is situated where it is rubbibg a tree, which is different , but really cool.
  4. Agreed ... I seen a sneek for the first time this year! Its pretty cool! :coolgleam
  5. I had this pose done to one of mine when I wanted something different. This is the smallest one I have have mounted and between dad and I we have 18 yet this one seems to be the favorite of most people that look at them. It cost me $330.[​IMG]
  6. The semi-sneak and semi-upright poses are norm, that is what 95% of my customers go with. If you want something a little different maybe a browsing or wall pedestal pose would be what you are wanting. That is if it's going to be hung on the wall. If not a pedestal mount opens all kind of options. Call or email me if you would like to know more 812-739-9900 after 5:30. I can get you pics also.
  7. here are my two that i have pictures of.. the one i shot with my bow last year i dont have a pic of but here are the other two...

  8. Go to a taxidermist and look through his book of availbale forms. Also, listen to what he has to say. Many times a tall rack looks very impressive on a semi sneak or sneak mount. If the rack is narrow, positioning the ears a certain way can bring out the width of the rack. I would go to 2-3 taxidermists and see what they say. On one of mine I had it positioned just the way I say it when I first laid eyes on him.
  9. Good points Scott. A good taxidermist knows how to bring out all the unique qualities of an animal and they all are different. I followed the suggestions of my taxi after looking through all of his form books. The semi sneek is a very good pose and a very popular one. The taxi positioned each ear differently on the pose I selected, very realistic. I also selected the pose he was in when I took him...looking to his right at a doe.
  10. I'm leaning towards a droop turned to the left. Anyone ever had a droop mount done?
  11. Trdtnlbwhntr,
    Who done your mounts? Those are nice. I like the bottom picture, looks like a sneak turned left. Nice job.
  12. A guy by the name of Ron Peel did those two mounts. I think they were both in the 350 range. I think the bottom one would look better if he had his mouth open or was curling his lip testing the wind. The guy does great work.. If you are in the central part of the state send me a pm and ill give you contact info to another decent guy that can do a good mount for a good price. He did my other deer that i dont have a pic of just yet.
  13. i had one done 2 years ago rubbing a tree ears laid back if i knew how to send a picture a picture i would
  14. I'm rather impressed... this responce and no added photos of The Boss. Great self control there, Randy. (just giving you a hard time :evil: )
  15. Hey, Ridgerunner, since he eluded you all of bow season, the full sneak would seem like a good mount. I got a nice wide 9 this year with my bow and I'm having Duyane Tucker mount it in the full sneak with a little right turn. Antler and Fin, on the west side of Indy, he's in the phone book. Duyane will show you just about any mount in his trophy room and you can see his work for yourself. Check him out!
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