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What,s Your Idea Of A Trophy Buck

Discussion in 'Indiana Whitetail Hunting' started by TANKER, Jan 12, 2006.

  1. Just wondering what everyone here considers a trophy buck.
  2. I feel that there is a difference between a trophy buck and a monster buck. A trophy is a nice buck killed with a bow...for me mostly...that I put a good shot on and can be proud of. Althogh there are some bucks I can be just as proud of shooting with my gun, I feel as if a bow is the ultimate hunting experience. A monster is one of those huge 25in spread bucks that you seldom see. While these bucks are still trophies they aren't the ultimate goal.

  3. Trophy RAck(s)

    I figure it's relative to what is running in your area. I personally know of many 130-140 class bucks in my No. 1 area. That would be a trophy for where I hunt. When I was in Iowa, I saw 8 shooters (trophies, whatever you want to call them) in 4 days. Scores were from a 125 net 8 pointer, to a 150-160 11 pointer. Since I was only there for 6 days I probably would have shot anyone that would have given me a good shot. If I lived there, I'd hold out for at least a 150-class. Most of the people I hang out with in Iowa (SAm Collora, Rod White, Linc Davis, Ted "The Predator" Aicher, Kevin Fischer) consider 140-150s as too small to harvest.

    A trophy "rack" is a from a 34 C all the way to a 36 DD.:coolgleam
  4. A trophy buck is something you respect as a hunter. Something you are proud of, admire, and ultimately give the majority of your days to learn about. You read books, listen to knowledgable people, surround yourself with know-how about your trophy deer. A trophy deer to me is something that I feel humbled by, in the fact that i just took one of god's creatures from the earth, and ended our chase and friendship with death. Every hunter knows that feeling, and only when you have that feeling do you have a trophy deer. It's that feeling when you walk up to a deer and all you can do is admire it and be almost sorrowed. Its not in the antlers, or the scores, or any of that mumbo.. A trophy to each individual is something that lies within each hunter.
  5. A trophy "rack" is a from a 34 C all the way to a 36 DD.:coolgleam[/QUOTE]
    I totally agree, don,t let Hickory see this He might get in trouble again.

    Dean I consider a 140 class to be a shooter with a bow, needs to be 150 or better to shoot with a gun.
    The 8 point buck I killed in Indiana this year is in the 140 class.
    This is the smallest buck I have taken in Indiana in the last 5 years.
    The biggest being a 168" 8 point, also a 164 5/8 10 point.
    All with the bow.
  6. A trophy is not just measured by inches to me, this is where our sport is taking a path I don't like to see.

    A trophy to me is a deer that you harvest, whether it be a doe or buck, by scouting an area, finding sign, locating a tree, hanging a stand, finding a entrance/exit route that will work to your advantage, setting in that stand the first time and harvesting a deer.

    That is what a trophy is to me. My first buck, all be it a small 9 pointer, was harvested after I scouted, found his rub line, found his scrapes, found a tree located close to the area that had plenty of cover, hung my ladder stand, waited 2 days, went out real quiet and patient and then harvested that buck 1/2 hour after daylight and had several other deer around me all morning.
  7. Trophy is what you decide to let loose the arrow or pull the trigger.

    On my place if you choose to do that on a male deer you will pay the taxidermist fee.

    You kill a male deer you mount it.

    My goals are a minimum of 125" for archery and over 140" for gun. This applies to every place I hunt. Thos past season I was invited by a guest to hunt Muscatatuk on the second Monday hunt with a M'loader. The first buck I saw was a 115" 8 pointer, I wouldn't kill him on my place so he got to walk there. 12 other does by 10 am and nothing else. Private ground or public the self imposed rule remains the same.
  8. jwb, sounds fine and dandy, but to us meat hunters, antlers don't really mean squat. You can't eat them.

    Also, some people don't hve that opportunity, I know one friend, his area he hunts he is lucky if he sees a deer or even a forkhorn. Not every buck should live and reproduce, forkhorns, odd small racked bucks need removed if your goal is to only harvest large antlered deer.

    I took a weird racked 5 point this year with my gun, all the same to me. After 8 guys without landowner permission had run over the 30 acre woods i hunt I was lucky to see a buck. Now I did pass on a decent racked 8 point 1 1/2 year old, he might be a real nice deer in a year or two.

    Like I've said all along, we've shifted the focus of hunting from its fundementals to this "antler crazed" sport it is. To each his own I say, so really this "self impossed" rules you claim only refer to yourself. After all they are not your deer, they are Gods, we are just mere stewards of his good grace.

    My one cousins boy shot his first buck, a small 6 pointer at the age of 12, that was a trophy to that young man, and they did have it mounted.
  9. To me there's hunters who hunt as a way of life and then there's people who go out only to show off what they've done. All my family eats is deer meat. We don't buy beef. We live on it all year round until the next season. If we only hunted those "trophies" we'd starve to death. We hunt because it's what we know and love to do and to feed our family, not because we want to kill a 150 class deer and that's it. Boy the rack sure is pretty but I bet it tastes like crap. I'm not saying I wouldn't shoot a big buck, and I bet I've passed up just as many small bucks in this state as the next guy, but we also have to eat, and does are fair game, and if the year is bad so are the small bucks. As I said before some people hunt for sport and others do it as a way of life.
  10. I concider any "rack" a trophy......................if the nipples are hooked up. Im in trouble.
  11. The trophy that I am looking for each year is a 140 Class buck and up. That includes bow, shotgun and muzzleloader seasons for me!