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what should I do

Discussion in 'Indiana Whitetail Hunting' started by Poundsy, Apr 2, 2007.

  1. I have a small diema. A trespasser found a dead deer on a property that I solely have permission to hunt. I know for a fact he was trespassing and was actually bragging about it to a friend of mine. According to my friend it is around a 180" typical. I had actually seen the deer and also another guy that owns the adjoining property saw it. I would like to get the rack back but I cannot prove he took it off my farm. This is the same guy that I took five of his treestands this last year. If anyone has any help with this I would greatly appreciate it. Especially the ICO's.
  2. Sad To Say But If You Cant Prove He Took It Off The Said Property Your Probably **** Out Of Luck , Co Could Put Some Pressure On Him Maybe He Will Give It Up , I Doubt It Being That Kind Of Person To Start With , But Good Luck To You!!!!

  3. Have the CO investigate. You have an oral report from the guy himself to your friend that he was tresspassing. You should play nice with the CO and maybe he will investigate it. If he does and the rack gets confiscated make sure you approach the CO in a way that lets him know you really want that rack for a good reason and not just because you saw the deer and its big.
  4. Parol evidence (verbal testimony) won't get you anywhere. You will pretty much have to catch the guy in the act doing something (on video or have an officer of the law see it) to get a CO to take it seriously. Probable cause.
  5. Hunter Hollis

    Hunter Hollis Banned

    Go kill a bigger one next year.
  6. "Parol evidence"? Eric I thought you were an engineer?:16suspect Civil engineers dont use that kind of talk.:biggrin:
  7. Find out where the guy lives. Get with the neighborhood meth freak that needs some money to support his habit and have him go over to the guy's house and get it. If things "go bad" while he's there who's going to believe a meth freak that says some guy paid him to go steal a set of deer antlers. I mean come on...this is a no brainer...:dizzy:
  8. Yea meth freak. It isn't the fact that I want the rack, I just don't want that SOB to have it. He lives in a subdivision down the road about a mile. I might call the local ICO and see what he says. Maybe this guy won't trespass next year since the deer is dead now. Thanks guys.
  9. Land Surveyor, also, rook, one of the worlds oldest professions is now a libelous type of work, we have to learn about as much as an attorney to get certified, these days. Oh, for the good old days.
  10. Buy a couple trail cams. Hide em' good. No flash.
    Get a picture of him trespassing and mail them to his house.
    Maybe even brag around that a large non typical is bedding up on the property and you haven't found the sheds.
  11. Entrapment....sweet sweet deception...i love this...
  12. This worked in Kosciusco County when those guys stole that tree stand...