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  1. Cow-hunting trip ends badly

    Monday, April 16, 2007
    'Target at six o'clock.'

    A man has been hospitalised in Canada after his friend accidentally shot him while they were out hunting. To be precise, while they were out hunting cows.
    The pair, a 26-year-old and a 19-year-old from British Columbia, were out stalking the tame farm animals with rifles when the older man accidentally shot the younger, in what the Royal Canadian Mounted Police are - quite understandably - calling a 'bizarre' incident.
    'We're trying to put the details together -- the events leading up to the shooting,' said RCMP Constable Sue Boyes.
    'They were both walking in a heavily wooded area, and a possible scenario is that the person who was shot startled the other male. But that's speculation right now.'
    The incident happened on Thursday evening, when the RCMP got a call from a man in the Lake Cowichan area saying that he had just shot his friend and was driving him to hospital.
    Authorities understand that the men were hunting two cows on the instructions of a local butcher. The cows had escaped from a pasture by breaking through a fence.
    'They were actually instructed by the butcher to shoot them and salvage what meat they could and take it back to him,' noted Boyes.
    Authorities have yet to track down the butcher in question.
    The 26-year-old man will appear in court in June on charges of possessing an illegal sawn-off shotgun.
    The cows are still free.
  2. I would question a Media interpretation... To them a crazed 2000lb "mad bull" steer would be a "cow".

    But then, what do you expect from a country that instituted an utter failure of a nationwide gunowner registration scheme?

  3. HAHA

  4. Probably had #8 shot in that sawed off shutgun..............that'd really work!!
  5. they have guns in canada? hmmmm
    perhaps the invasion wont be as easy as I first thought...
    if they have guns its going to take at least 30 people to take over. I heard they have a helicopter now...
  6. This thread has the potential to become the funniest thread EVER on Indiana Sportsman!
  7. Rumor is its just a really big version of the ones you win at the ping-pong goldfish game if you dont get a fish. You know, pull the string, spin the impeller, flys till it dies...i think they put a mini digital camera on it...its their super secret spy copter...
  8. "Stalking Cows"....that made me laugh out loud!
  9. phew...i thought it was a real chopper...i was at least expecting a huey like the one on M.A.S.H.

    I swear i heard that chopped fly over my house last night :hide:

    I don't think I should post anymore...canadian intelligence officials (both of em) have apparently uncovered my plot :tdo12:

    Word is the are having trouble interpreting my "coded" posts though...as long as I dont use the words "hoser" and "eh" i think i'll be ok...:banghead3

    If you're with me...the time to strike is now!!! No way they have any interest in fighting off an invasion now. Its the middle of the NHL PLAYOFFS!!! :woohoo1::woohoo1::woohoo1:

    Lets move!!! To the gold Chevy Impala everyone!!!
  10. I was worried about the Royal Canadian Mounted Police until I found out Nyona did the taxidermy...
  11. its a cover up

    sounds like the MAD COW got even:bouncy:
  12. I thought that was one of Deano's mating techniques.....:hide:
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  13. no no no he said stalking COWS...not stalking bulls :evilsmile