What the heck?

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    Ok, all you smarty pants out there....what the heck is this?

    One of our teachers took this picture in her back yard:

  2. Look like it could be a young male peacock.

  3. Absolutely Peacock. Probably makes a hell of a raquet when it calls too. We used to have one around my grandparents farm when I was growing up.

  4. San Fransico chicken

    Pavo cristatus
  5. Roadrunner????

    She lives very close to the zoo. My colleagues are correct. Peacock!!!!!
  6. ccavacini

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    The breast looks suspiciously like a Canada Goose...
  7. Perhaps a Canadian Gander had some type of fling with a wondering Peacock Hen down in the gulf a few years ago.............

    What would you call this hybird (heh, heh) offspring??
  8. peacock are actually pheasant. I belive it is a Indian blue Peafowl and it is a hen. I'm sure Mark will jump in on this and tell us for sure. After donig some looking it might not be. here is a link to a breader.
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  9. Dinner. If it has as good of a breast as a Goose, I would definately call it dinner.
  10. Maybe it was a slow peacock and a fast goose hit it head on. HA!
  11. Could it be a turkey in peacock camo ? Might be that it's just testing the new camo in preparation for the upcoming season. Going to try and fool all the turkey hunters !!!!
  12. Ten bucks says it tastes like chicken.