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What they REALLY think......

Discussion in 'Indiana Whitetail Hunting' started by Gizmo, Dec 21, 2006.

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  1. Quote from uptracker:
    I've watched that site for a while and have seen a ton of pics of bruisers come out of there.......a lot more than MI. I just joined[​IMG] :end quote

    Then he comes here and talks about not seeing any bucks that impress him. Split personality I guess.

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    Originally Posted by farmlegend
    At 180 3/8, net, Bulliner's buck (killed in Jefferson Twp, Hillsdale County), exactly tied the Vernon Winters buck, taken in South Dakota in 1965, for the 8pt. world record.

    Who cares about the 8-point world record. I want to know who holds the record spike horn.[​IMG]

    Probably someone from Michigan.
  3. Good post Gizmo. A must read for all readers. Some talk on here one way but another way on the MI site. Jealousy is an ugly thing! ;)
  4. Uptracker.......remove foot from mouth.
  5. I'm trying real hard to be opened minded here, so bear with me. This guy's original post on here was pro OBR and his concern that it was not practiced in MI. He then makes a comment that seemed to imply we were not shooting as big a bucks as they were in MI. I say imply, because I'm still not sure what he meant, maybe it was a sincere question because he had yet to look in the gallery or read some of the correct post. I do know that things got a little ugly after that and some comments were made that shouldn't have been. Uptracker there is one fine young man on here that will probably never give you a second chance (and rightfully so), but I am willing to, and I think others on here might also, just tone it down and get a chance to know us. If you don't understand why we reacted to some of your post the way we did, then ask yourself how we would have been treated if one of us had gone to the MI site as a newbie and started making comments such as you did on here. I am going to take the attitude this is all a big misunderstanding that got out of hand and see what happens from there.
  6. Wow, good thing you guys obey Steve.

    Yep, I did say there are some bruisers come out of there, just like I said they come out of here. And yes, I did say that you guys are shooting the same quality as us. Take a look at the pics and some scores. And yes I did join this site, because Michigan and the hunters needed defending.

    And I told that young man I feel sorry and he shouldn't be embarassed.
    The end, at least I'll obey Steve.
  7. You're right...
  8. O how the tables have turned! Nice one Gizmo.
  9. My mind is closed now, I"ve seen what happened :( :(
  10. How about those Colts..
  11. Well, pretty good when they dont allow 400 yards rushing:)
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