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What Would You Do?

Discussion in 'Sound Off' started by Ruger250, Jun 4, 2007.

  1. Lets say someone approaches your family and says that there is a company looking to buy 250 acres to put up a manufacturing facility. About 150 acres of that belongs to your family. About 10 acres is wooded the rest is tillable field. One argument is that it would help boost the local economy which has lost a lot of jobs the last few years. My argument is that would really screw up some of my hunting! They say that they won't disturb the woods. Should I demand hunting rights if it goes through? This is 1 out of 3 areas this company has picked out so this is still in the very early stages, but my family is having a hard time deciding what to do?


    Am I being selfish.
  2. Yes you are...but in this instance I don't blame you.
    On one hand you have to weigh the possible financial windfall.
    On the other you have to weigh how absurdly difficult it's going to be to find 150 acres of ground to purchase for hunting.
    Maybe I'm bad person but I wouldn't trust them and I wouldn't sacrifice my hunting land unless the money they are offering is out of this world.

    Seems to me that there is always a factory, a house, a mall or a highway that needs to go somewhere. I know it's all in the name of progress...
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  3. i sure wouldn't trust the buyers to give hunting rights. i'm almost sure that woud change.
  4. I know it may hurt to sell, but that company should be willing to pay a LOT of money for your land. If they don't want to pony up some serious cash, don't sell.
  6. I would say milk this cow for all she is worth. You are looking at top dollar for your land. Top dollar can be translated to more hunting land somewhere down the road. Believe me when I say that you are looking at making at least 1.5 times above market value per acre. At 150 acres sold. You are looking at enough money to buy 225 acres elsewhere at market price. Buying that big of a chunk you are more than likely going to get a below market value for a quantity purchase which could obviously mean a little left over money for a home, vacation, college tuition for the kids. Id say its a win win, both for you and the community. Its scary giving it up now and not knowing if youll find another place but I gaurantee it will come around eventually. Just keep looking around. In the mean time you could use that extra money to lease a place for the next five years while you look.
  7. Ruger, You might try putting it in the contract. "Leave the woods, and you have the only rights to hunt on it." If they want it, they'll do something like that. Its hard to let that much land go especially when its been in your family so long.
  8. You're looking at slim to no chance that any "rights" provision will be put into a big purchase like that, including hunting. I'd say if you sell it, you'll probably never have any right to it again.
  9. When you say your family owns its just what do you mean? You own it,part of it,you and your brother own it,your parents own it? All this would make a big difference.
  10. Look out for #1 my friend. Be greedy, if they want it, they'll deal. As far as hunting rights go, make a proposal written up by your lawyer. A contractual obligation, no more no less. It all depends on how bad they want it and how you can adapt. Personally, I do not like change.......... but change is inevitable. Best of luck.
  11. If you can get hunting rights, in writing, that's great. But will your beloved 10 acres be the same when they are done tearing thru the other 140? You gotta think ahead to what it is that you would have the right to hunt.

    I'd take the money, do right by the family, and look for a nice piece of heaven to replace the 10 acres of paradise lost.
  12. seabee

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    If the price is right, SELL! Remember, you will have to reinvest all the earnings or pay a heavy capital gains tax. As for hunting the land...almost no insurance company would allow any kind of hunting on the property that the insured company owns..mark my word. I dont know what kinda money we are talking for land up there....but here in indy, the farmer who just sold me my land, he sold 130 acres here and bought 560 acres in southern indiana, i also just recently talked to a farmer who sold 100 acres in noblesville and is looking at reivesting it in 1200 acres in either newton or benton county. There are realtors that specialise in these types of transactions. Hope this helps a little.....

  13. I guess I should have explained a little more. When I said family I meant, my parents own it. They wanted me and my 2 sisters to be involved since it would potentialy be part of our inheritance.

    If it sells there would be no more land purchased. My father is a farmer not a hunter. If he sells he will be focusing less on crop's and more on cattle using the remaining land.

    I appreciate everyones input.
  14. remember if they want it bad enough they can always go the imminent domain route. sucks but very true. thankyou saundra day oconner you communist pig.
  15. Not only will you be helping the local community prosper you will be able to buy more wooded land. I would sell it even though I can imagine it would be hard if the land has been in your family for generations.