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What would your last meal be?

Discussion in 'Frontpage Polls' started by bigling97, Feb 23, 2007.

  1. O.K. guys here is a hard question my 8yr old asked me tonite.

    If you knew you had one last meal on this Earth what would it be?
    Mine was pizza, back straps, duck and fresh fried lake perch. With potatoe salad and about 6 ears of fresh country gentleman. Washed down with some chocolat cake and an after dinner drink of Old man Jack. What would yours be?
  2. kind of depressing...

    Shrimp Alfredo, Spicy Garlic wings from Bdubs, gills and morels, antelope burgers, pork burgers, mac and cheese, old fashion creme pie, strawberry cheesecake, whole milk, mt dew, dos equis, and beam...

  3. Prime rib...medium well.
  4. I think my last meal would have to be venison roast and mashed potatoes with corn and a side salad.
  5. gotta have corn on the cob...
    a few wings with the hottest sauce available...
    antelope burgers
    a venison steak with a nice herb and garlic marinade
    a glass (maybe two) of the glenlivet
    and none of this can happen until i take my son to notre dame for his first football saturday
  6. Some of this mystery casarol my mom made for dinner tonight. It was awesome!
  7. Hunter Hollis

    Hunter Hollis Banned

    Hopefully they havent invented it yet.
  8. Deep fried crappie fillets, fried potatos, sweet corn. Apple pie with vanilla icecream. Couple of cool ones to wash it all down. All served on the deck of the cabin in Minnesota where we vacation each year at sundown.
  9. I had to think about one second what my last meal would be, and here it is bluegills, bluegills and more bluegills. RIGHT DEC
  10. Fried bluegill, crappie, morel mushrooms complimented with homemade coleslaw, potato salad, fresh picked green beans, big glass sweet tea, corn bread and a hot fudge sunday.
  11. Would you eat it shirtless? :dizzy:
  12. Breast of Pacific Condor with Spotted Owl Medallions in a '51 DomPerigon glaze,

    Celocanth Fillets in a Mescal Sauce,

    Rhinocerous Backstrap grilled over Pacific Yew with an Africanized Honeybee Honey & Tibetan Sage BBQ sauce,

    With slow roasted Panda Flank Steak in Hummingbird Tongue Sauce to finish.

    I'll be drinking 50y/o Talisker Single Malt.

    If possible I'd also like some Grey Whale Liver Pate' on water crackers...

  13. OH MY... Those celocanth fillets are wonderful if blackened Madagascar style...... As long as you wash it down with a nice bottle of Johnny Walker Blue Label..... Might well throw in some harbor seal liver with onions raised in J.L.'S GARDEN......
  14. Actually a nice Elk tenderloin wrapped in bacon with a vidalia onion sauce on the side would be nice. Followed by some 13" perch fillets fried up in a light breading, an overloaded plate of morels, a dozen ears of red sweet corn and Homemade fries made out of my red potatoes. For Desert .... lemon meringue pie and Guiness draft. I could safely say I would be a happy man...... as long as my wife and kids could share it with me.