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what you can catch on sponge bob square pants pole

Discussion in 'Northeast Indiana Fishing Reports' started by psychobubba, Jun 19, 2007.

  1. he got a blue gill on as he was reeling it in this bass nailed it !! his face says it all

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  2. holy cow!!! I gotta get me one of those poles!!!

    Thats awesome!!!

  3. The boy's ruined now. You'll be expected to produce one of those for him to catch everytime you go out!
  4. Dew will never let this one go.................
  5. My daughter has one of those poles, I think I will have to take it and get her a barbie pole.
  6. Nice Bass, Just Hooked Us Another Bass Fisherman For Life,thats Awsome Bubba!!!!!!
  7. I'm telling you, Rob's Scooby Doo pole outfishes the rest of us all the time!
  8. What do you mean Quail........"I hope Dew doesn't see this" !!!!!

    That's ME in that picture.....and Psychobubba is my DAD!!!

    Now leave us alone please!!!

    ( I just hope Dad doesn't tell you all that I didn't even turn the reel crank......I just felt that big fish bite and turned and ran up the bank of the pond dragging him out the whole way.......the other side of that fish is completely SCALED. Dad caught me 78 yards away from the pond )


    ( Please forgive me Psychobubba.........GREAT FISH !!! :coolgleam .........and the future Bass Fisherman that will be competing with me for the best Poles in Stock at Toys R Us for the rest of his life.......well...........I'll get over it soon )
  9. WOW bubba that cool, what a smile, that worth a million words. Way to go man, PLEASE take a kid fishing or hunting and you will have a friend for life.
  10. Thats what its all about Bubba, thats awesome!!!! Great lookin kid too.
  11. Thas about as cool as it gets! Nice Bass cute kid and a Spomgebob Pole.