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What you wished for JL!

Discussion in 'Sound Off' started by tinyt, Feb 13, 2007.

  1. Prairie Heights SchoolsLaGrangeClosed
    for tomorrow. I will be thinking of ya as I travel to TSU for classes in the morning.:banghead3 I'm being beginning to think University's don't care about their comutters. Haha. I will be drift bustin in the mornin.
  2. Actually, I'd have rather gone to school today. Now we have two days to make up at the end of the year. I'd rather have those days to bluegill fish with the fly rod than to bluegill fish with the ice rod now (especially the way they've been biting for me lately).

  3. Haha, true. I forgot about those make up days. Like I said about TSU. TSU FW is closed but not Angola. I made my own snow day. Specially after I noticed 3 vehicles in the ditch on my quarter way in to town.
  4. Universities hate to close. When I was at Purdue in the winter of '90 or '91, we had a MASSIVE ice storm. No roads were safe and many places had no power for many days, including my apartment. Yet, good ol' Purdue fired up the generators and expected all of us, even those who had to drive a few miles like me, to be at class on time. It sucked. Off campus people were literally living on campus. Sleeping in the libraries, at the Union, hall ways, any place. My room mates and I had to go to the Co-rec (the athletic facility) just to take showers. It sucked big time.:(
  5. IU closed until noon today. First time they have ever closed since '76.
  6. Lucky you angler. I didn't go to my class today. It started at 9 am and at around 9:45 the county finally had two trucks and a dozer to open my road to town.
  7. I think Purdue closed class one time while I was there. I believe, my senior year (93-94) for extremely cold temperatures. I remember walking to class around that time with about 3 layers and a face mask to keep my skin from freezing.:(
  8. Wasnt really lucky me, my first class today was at 1:30 so it didnt really change my day. Purdue closed all day yesterday, i'm not really sure what they did today.
  9. Two hour delays already for Thursday;)
  10. Another Boiler???? Sweeeeeeeeet!!!! Man, I like you more and more everyday DEC.........:biggrin: !!!
  11. HOOSIERS!!! We'll find out in tonights game! Even though the odds should be in your favor. I think you guys are 14 - 1 in Mackey (sp?) Arena.