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What your favorite game and place?

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Here's some more discussion bait:

What is your favorite Upland Game and where is your favorite place to hunt them?

Ringnecks are my favorite bird. I've only hunted these mainly in Indiana and Michigan, but I've hunted some pretty good ground in both states (Clarence Tripplett GBHA in Indiana, for instance). I'm still working on that "dream" trip out west, but that should come next fall. NW Indiana has been the best to me, but I also have shot some in NE Indiana.

Since the phesant season is relatively short and does start late in the fall (I consider Labor Day weekend the start of fall), I have to supplement my phesant hunting with something else, that would be Grouse, they are a close second to phesant in my book. My favorite place is N. Lower Penninsula of Michigan. The UP may be better, but I've just never spent that much time trying it. I like to hunt the NE section of the Lower Penn around Gladwin, Houghton Lake, and Gaylord.

I also like to shoot doves, that's a great primer. I've never went strictly quail hunting. I've flushed some while phesant hunting and chased a lot in Field Trials (not comparable to wild quail), but I'm sure those would be fun too.

Late in the year, after the upland winds down (like now), I'll pull out my waders and go chase ducks too.
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Ditch parrots, longtailed chickens, and stubble ducks

All of those equal one thing the wiley Ringnecked pheasant. My favorite place to hunt them is anyplace I can find them. I actually don't go for me I go for the dog. ;) South Dakota would be my location of choice but its so dang far but lots of birds. Indiana has some good pockets but just better else where but being a chapter president in Pheasants forever we are trying to change that.

My favorite upland birds are Woodcock and Grouse. Ill take hunting in Mi's U.P. any day before nov 15.. Thanks
Oooh, I hate to choose. I love the pheasant around here and the fields in which we hunt them. I love the soft whir of a woodcock getting off the ground and their fluttering flight. I love the ways of the grouse since I started hunting them 3 years ago. :confused:

I guess if I had to pick one it would be grouse simply because of the lovely country I pursue them in. :bonk:

Nope, can't do it. Okay make it roosters and the way they.... :banghead3

No, no, grouse is really what I like to hun.... :dizzy:

Never mind. Probably one of the above birds. :tongue:
the perfect point - staunch dog and a beautiful covey rise on a frosty, sunny, quiet morning with a hint of a slight breeze

- or -

the pursuit of a wily, dog frustratin', beautiful cock bird that makes the constant relocates a trophy at the end of the field

- or -

the tight setting bird that resides in the thickest, most tripping, 2 second shot habitat that makes your heart scream when the whistling bird takes off

- or -

the sneaky bird that will roost in a pine and watch you walk by underneath or flush wild ahead or run like a pheasant or strap on the nitrous oxide and navigate through trees 6" apart and laugh as your shot puts indentions on the sides of trees

I concur, how do you pick fairly - I still have to try and catch up to my heart and try to slow it down.

As long as I have my birdog with me - that's all that matters. His points, tracks, quartering, retrieves, relocations and best of all his head on my arm as we drive back home - life is good....

On the flip side - If I'd ask my pointer - I'd bet he'd say the "Gentleman Bob"...
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