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Whats Everyone Shooting?

Discussion in 'Indiana Bowhunting' started by hoosieroutdoorsman, Nov 19, 2006.

  1. Just wondering what bows everyone was using? Do we have any Storm Archery shooters here? My bow is a 06 Storm F-18 custom, I talked with the head of R&D for Storm and we worked up a plan for how I wanted the F-18 modified and he did a wonderful job on it. I have shot alot of bows over the years but I have to say I love this one. I did do some playing with it when I got it and changed the cam and idler out to a mathews max cam and a fred bear 2 inch ball bearing idler. After building the string and cable and getting it tuned in I had it IBO`ing at 330 fps. Shooting 322 actual full hunting rig, but the arthritis in my shoulder finally won and I couldn`t handle the aggressive max cam anymore and switched it back to the origonal cam and idler and at 66 lbs with a 364 grain arrow she is shooting 295 fps. So I can`t complain at all about that. Tell us about your rig and what you like and don`t like about it.
  2. Mathews Switchback XT
    Mathews 2 piece quiver
    Sword Twilight Micro Site
    QAD Ultra rest
    Sims S-coil
    Torqueless custom grip
    Goldtip XT 7595 arrows

    Like everything about it. Nothing I don't like about it.

  3. Shootin a Barnet set at fifty pounds, w/o all of those gizzmos gadgets and such
  4. I just recently bought a Hoyt Trykon to replace my little PSE Spyder and I am getting all new accessories. Any recomendations on some products i should consider looking into? I will also be shooting 3-D with it this summer.
  5. Kolometz Custom longbow,89@30, smooth and silent!
  6. Martin Tracer LT
    Blackhawk arrows
    NAP heads:coolgleam
  7. Diamond Victory (61 lb)
    Vital Bow Gear Vital Drop Rest.....WELL WORTH THE $$$!;)
    Vital Bow Gear Proslide Site
    Custom-made STS
    Speed Pro Revolution Arrows
    Rocky Xtreme 100gr expandables
    Shoots @ 308 fps with this set-up
  8. Tallman Recurve
    58@ 28
    Whats not to like about. It puts the arrows where i want them and it looks pretty doing it too.
  9. Grizzly Reflex - 60 lbs geting 274 FPS shooting Carbons
    Added a Whisker Bisket - awesome!!! I love it !!!
  10. MQ1 Mathews
    60 lbs
    impact archery sight
    sims s-coil stabilizer
    best bow ive ever had
  11. Switchback 29"/60#
    Kwikee Quiver
    Trophy Ridge Matrix
    Thunderhead 100's
    Gold Tip Hunter 5575
  12. Just ordered an '07 High Country Sidewinder Pro. I have been shooting an AR34, a Bowtech, and various stickbows.

  13. Fred Bear
    Whisker Biscuit
    Muzzy 100s
    Beman Hunters
    gets the job done!!
  14. Hey Backstrap buffet, take a look at the sur-lock sights. I have an old Lethal Weapon. They are kind of pricey, 185.00, but they're worth it. The guy that makes them is in Versailles IN.