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Whats everyones season deer totals ??

Discussion in 'Indiana Bowhunting' started by bowaddict, Dec 16, 2005.

  1. I had a great year, harvested 7 deer, 5 with bow, 2 with muzzleloader.

    Didn't get a nice buck, but after all you can't eat them antlers LOL
  2. I am proud to say my season has been a big fat goose egg, zero, nada, but the season is still young. I will take my first deer of the year sometime next week.:biggrin:

    Congrats on a fine year.:bowdown:


  3. Thanks, last year I got one with the bow and one with the Jeep LOL , Funny it works
  4. big 0 here too.but it is not over yet :woohoo1: ?:help:
  5. Goodluck guys, I sure hope you get a chance. :evil:
  6. I got a buck back in November. Held onto my bonus tag for muzzy. Seen an absolute ton of deer during muzzy season, probably more in those 2 weeks then i had seen all year long. I missed a doe last week, shot right over her back with my open sights. I could only get out this past weekend one time becuase i had to visit the in laws in southern indiana all weekend. I got out there last eve at 4:30 and seen 13 doe and one 7 point buck. I was hunting on the ground and had a nice doe get to within 15 yards of me and my gun didnt fire off, the cap went off but not the gun:banghead3. Needless to say that it was it for me. I put another cap on before i left and fired the gun and it went off this time. Figures doesnt it? Im seeing so many deer though that i talked myself into trying late archery for the first time, i went tonight and seen 8, too far out though, i also froze. I cant wait for the warmup later this week.
  7. I got 4 this year and no buck for me this year. I seen alot of bucks but none big enough to shoot
  8. I had a dismal year and only got one, but i didn't get a lot of time to hunt because of Purdue. Lowest total since my first year when I was nine. oh well, still a little of the season left and i'm headed out tonight. Total between my grandpa, dad, brother, and friend, which is where we get our meat is close to 30.
  9. Only a doe and a button buck (couldn't see the buttons) :)
  10. Deer Season 2005

    Slow Here In Our Area!!! Not Many Bucks Seen.... Does Yes???
    Seems Good Mast Crop Has Kept Deer Movements Low!

    Any News On The New Record Indiana Buck Rumor????
    Or Any Photos Of This Monster????
    Location Area Of Harvest???

    Good Luck To All In Last Of This 2005 Season!!
  11. Shot a pretty nice buck second day of firearms (check out picture), going for the does right now in late archery. Kind of cold but alot of fun. Might have to get another freezer.......
  12. I've passed on several small bucks and many does as I've been hunting for a particular size in my buck....Still looking and will hopefully get it during late bow.
  13. I have taken 5 this year. I got a doe and a really nice buck with my bow, 1 doe with my shotgun, a doe with my ML, and a really nice buck with my ML at a Crane hunt.
  14. 4 does so far. 2 in early archery and 2 in ML. Didn't see any shooter bucks this year. I'm not done hunting yet, but it gets very hard to connect in late archery where I hunt.