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Whats In It For Me

Discussion in 'Indiana Whitetail Hunting' started by DBurris, Nov 6, 2006.

  1. Give up your weekend and do the land owners a favor that will make him smile. This past weekend i loaded my truck with shovels brooms and trash cans and cleaned around his farm operation. At harvest a farmer is so busy picking crops, the area around his barns bins and yard becomes cluttered. it was hard work but after a weekend of scooping mud, rotten corn, picking up trash I left with the feeling I was welcome anytime.
  2. AMEN!

    We have never paid any money to any of the farmers where we hunt and they have never asked...but they know they can always count on us to help. We have cut and hung tabacco... mended fences...hung and finished drywall... given them tons of deermeat, turkey, squirrels and geese... you name it.
    A little common courtesy, consideration and appreciation for they gift they are giving us (especially unsolicited) goes a long way. They will run off hunters in a New York minute who abuse their hospitality.

  3. I Totally Argree Fellas, The Other Farm I Hunt Besides My Own Is Only 25 Min From The Hospital I Work @ The Farmer Is About 70 Yrs Old And Has A Son Who Dont Get A Chance To Come Around Much, I Stop At Least A Couple Times A Week And Have Coffe With Him On My Way Home From Wrk, Mainly Just To See What He Needs Done, I Mowed His Yrd All Summer, He Offered To Pay Every Time But I Told Him To Keep It, He Is Kinda Like My Second Grandfather Ne Way, It Sure Is Rough Mowing For 2 1/2 Hrs After Wrking 12 Or 16 Hrs But Its All Worth It Come Spring And Fall When The Turkeys Are Gobbling, And The Bucks Are Rutting. If More Hunter's Would Help The Landowners Out We'd All Have An Easier Time Getting Permission To Hunt Private Property. Just My 2 Cents