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What's New (Besides me)

Discussion in 'New User Introductions' started by tin_snipper, Jun 19, 2005.

  1. Hi there!

    I've been living in Indiana (Osceola) going on 9 years. I came from the Bay area of southern NJ where I enjoyed lots of boating and saltwater fishing. I have fished here in Indiana several times (maybe 20 or so) and have had decent luck on the St. Joe fishing for smallmouth and trout. I'd like to expand into pike, walleye and other larger species. I don't get on the computer as much as I'd like, so please be patient with me in regards to my replies.


    Hope to meet some new friends,

    Jeff West
  2. Great to have you with us! Go a little north or south and you will hit a lot of great fishing water:)