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Whats the best county?

Discussion in 'Indiana Whitetail Hunting' started by mcdonaldoutdoors, Nov 29, 2006.

  1. Every state has a few top big buck counties. What would you guys say Indiana's top three to five, Big Buck counties would be now and in the next five years(this should be intresting).
  2. The past few years I have been hunting Harrison county in southern indiana. At Gun World where I check my deer in they take a picture of your deer and tape it to the wall if you ask. There were well over 500 pictures on the wall by 12:00pm opening day. Of these I couldn't count the number of HUGE deer! I mean massive tines with incredible mass!!!! Most of these deer would score over 130 or possible better. It was incredible. My vote is Harrison county.

  3. I live in Pike County and have seen alot of great deer come from the area. I would have to go with Pike, Knox, and Posey counties in any order. But this is just my opinion I havent hunted much in the Northern parts of the state.
  4. PARKE, SWITZERLAND and SHELBY for big mature bucks.
  5. Only know that mine isn't one of them.
  6. Ahem, nothing up here in the northern part of the state to speak of...right northerners!!:coolgleam
  7. Do you really expect to get an honest answer?
    That's like asking a mushroom hunter to take you to his favorite spot... the guy at the ramp with stringer of crappie to tell you where the best structure is... heaven forbid you ever ask an ice fisherman with a pile of bluegills to move his bucket so you can drill a hole next to his.:dizzy:
    Hey guys...where are all the big deer...really?
  8. Nope, nothing up this way
  9. Ya I've never even seen a deer up here, let alone a monster buck!:shhh:
  10. Jackson, Washington, & Switzerland
  11. All the deer in Shelby county went North for the winter, no need to try for any here.
  12. Well, they haven't made it this far north yet...anyway, I'm too close to Michigan to have any good deer up this way...
  13. Switzerland,Ohio and Parke counties.
  14. they haven't made it to madison county yet history shows park switzerland franklin counties are good i would have to put harrison there too seen several deer come off a 800 acre parcel that are very nice