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What's the best way to practice with archery gear

Discussion in 'Indiana Bowhunting' started by Dean Weimer, Jan 26, 2006.

  1. Seeing how we do the majority (not all I know) of our whitetail hunting from treestands, how many of you actually shoot from elevated platforms when preparing for deer season???

    I'm gonna hold off on my own response after hearing everyone else's response(s). Get R Dun!!!
  2. If you can imagine the scenario, I try it. Off of the roof, on one knee, sitting down, kneeling and on and on......... All of which is done with XX75 Realtree HD Arrows (2413) and 100 grain Steelforce Sabertooth Broadheads. No field points. I don't shoot them in the woods, why shoot them at a target. I wear what I wear when I hunt. If it's raining I'll go out and get wet practicing. You never know what might happen, and with a bow you'd better be prepared.

  3. i didn't used to. but i do now and i believe it makes a huge difference. keep all your old broadheads to practice with to.
  4. Practicing From A Stand Or Platform

    I Do I Go To 3d Bow Shoot That Has Platform Stand . That We Shoot From On Some Shoots.. And Where I Practice Atat A Friends We Have At Lease 5 Stand At Different Hights We Shoot At 20 Yard At 12 Ft Then 25 Yard At 15 Ft And 30 Yard At 20 Ft Then 35 Yards At About 25 Ft .. This Make A Big Differents From Shooting On The Ground I Think Everyone Shoot Practice From Them..
  5. Practice

    Practice On A Roof Or A Stand In Different Posisition Like Sitting , Kneeing ,stretch Shoot ,shoot Around Trees Throw Trees And Brush ,, Make Most Of Your Shoots As A Challenge Shoot .. Shoot With Old Broadheads But Make Sure You Shoot The Same Kind When Season Comes In........ [ Xstreambuckmaster ]
  6. I practice some from a stand but mostly on the ground at different distances and positions. But really, it doesn't matter if you shoot standing on your head it's a totally different ball game when the deer is standing there. How can you practice knowing when the right time to stand and draw on a deer is? That truly is real life "practice" and I'm sure there are many hunters including myself who have learned that "that wasn't the time to draw." :banghead3
  7. elevated stands

    I have tree stands in my back yard, elevations are 10-18 feet . Works for me, the ground shots are the tough ones for me
  8. I practice from the ground. I can't find anybody to retrieve my arrows for me when I'm in a stand...climbing up and down is too much like exercise. About the only time I shoot from an elevated stand is at the bow shoots I go to from time to time. If most people practice from the ground maybe that's why the success rate is 25% in Indiana.
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  9. Dean

    Since I do most of my bowhunting from the ground, practicing from there just makes sense. I do shoot occassionally from a stand when a group of guys get together to shoot for fun.

  10. Shooting from above!!

    Splendid fellas!! Three years ago I started practicing from Big John's Hay mow. We set the 3D target up outside of the barn and then climb the hay and shoot from on top. This isn't practical for most folks, but it is great practice. I feel that I have improved my shooting dramatically by practicing almost solely from above. My confidence the last couple years has improved dramatically. I still shoot some from the ground also.
  11. To me it really doesnt matter where you practice from. As long as you make every shot count. Too many people in my opinion go in the backyard and shoot too many arrows. What good does a large quantity do when the quality isnt the greatest? Repetition is only good when you are doing the right things the right way. Most people will use coffee can lids, paper plates, etc. Use a matchbook or a water bottle lid. The smaller your practice target the easier it is to "miss" small in the woods. If you get tired stop. Put the bow down only bad habits can come from practicing through fatigue. I usually practice all summer from the ground then in September get in a tree every other day. Its not so much where you shoot from but how you shoot.
  12. I get together with some buddies and we shoot from a ladder stand. We throw out some random targets and shoot at different distances. We have a "shooter" and the rest of us will retrieve the arroiws so that the person doesn't have to get down. We just take turns and it works out pretty nice. I also try to get to some 3-D shoots throughout the year. I think that really makes a difference also.
  13. I do most of my practice on the ground to train my shooting muscles, but I shoot some from my deck also to get used to shooting from heights. It gives me about 15 feet of elevation to my target.
  14. I stand corrected. These are all great ideas gentleman,but I have found the best, easiest, and most simplistic approach to practicing with "archery" gear. Buy a CROSSBOW...hell, all you'd need to do for practice is do 12 ounce curls all summer and you're in like Flynn!!!! Why didn't I see it before!!!

    And speaking of just seeing something...Do you suppose they call them crossbows because they're a cross between a gun and a bow??? Or is it because it is shaped like a cross...Naaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhh!! It's got to be the former.

    Sorry everyone!!!:(
  15. Don't give up your day job. You'll never make it as a comedian..