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What's the difference?

Discussion in 'Indiana Whitetail Hunting' started by Hetch Muncy, Nov 28, 2006.

  1. What is the difference of seeing a deer in the back of a pickup or hanging in a tree to 200 feet of beef, chicken, pork, and turkey at walmart? Nothing !
  2. May not be a difference to you but to some it is. Fact is some people don't like to see a carcass strung out in front of everyone and some of those people are on the fence about hunting. To address your comment before, yes we are in America and majority rules so wouldn't it make sense to have the majority on our side? I'm all about a free country and doing what you want but freedom shouldn't exempt you from decency. Is it that big of a deal to be discrete about your kill and maybe not piss off someone who may one day vote on hunting legislation?


  3. Im gonna side with Ed on this one... If you are blissfully that far out of touch with whats really going on then i suggest you read up on the type of society we live in. Its the non-hunting public... the ones that drive by your house and see those deer strung up by the neck or hind legs and see the blood and the red of meat, that ultimately get to say whether we hunt or not. You can preach free this and free that.... its all Bullsh*t in the context you are putting it. The people that have to explain to their kids why that deer is being lynched in your front yard. They have the freedom to not have to see that and they also have a freedom to prevent you from doing it by voting against hunting. You are free and so are they... its a two way street so lets meet them in the middle and leave our deer in the garage or in the bed of the truck and they will show us new opportunities and places to hunt when the deer start eating their shrubs and flowers in their suburban housing editions. Think about it if you owned a nice place and a backyard with a woods behind it in a subdivision would you want someone who was respectful of your personal wishes to hunt that place or someone thats gonna toss a deer on the tailgate and drive off with blood running out the back.
  4. I can see your point of view and I respect your opinion, I'm greatful that I got to purchass my property outside city limits 30 acres, 20 tillable and 10 woods, and all my neighbors are honest hunters and when one needs a hand we don't hesitate to help, I can only hope and pray that those people that you mention will never vote on banning hunting. It would be a sad day in the USA if that ever happens.
  5. First things first the public Im surrounded by is mostly farmers and country folk and most farmers encourage hunting because of crop dammage, and if people are not smart enough to know that when you hang a deer up it's dead so it's not being lynched and the only reason that people do hang em up is because the meat tends to loosen up and is easier to handle, and if you do live in a subdivision with only 3/4 of an acre as a lot then what is it any of your buisness on what goes on the person who owns the 100 acre field behind you, you should of did some research on it before you bought the house.