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whats with these suits anyone?

Discussion in 'Whitetail Deer Management' started by PRED, Sep 2, 2017.

  1. anyone have experience with the "hecs" suits? i been seeing them on tv. looked them up, and it seems they been around a while. if they are as good say they say why didnt they catch on faster?
  2. They have been around a long time but I have never bought into them. I think if they were truly a miracle suit like they claim then everyone would have one.

  3. thats what i was thinking too
  4. I got one last year along with a new scent lock suit before I went to Nebraska mule deer hunting and I believe it really does help. I had several deer within feet of my tree and not a single one looked up at me like they always did in the past, even when there is no way they could have smelled me.
  5. ever try it on the animals in your yard to test it herm?

    im pretty skeptical but then you see videos like this. lol

    and there are several
  6. Never tried it in my yard, but the buck I shot last year was only 7 yards from my tree and his 6th sense never kicked in.