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What's your best Catfish bait?

Discussion in 'Indiana Fishing Reports' started by Hoosier_Steelheader, Jun 8, 2007.

  1. With it getting hot, I'm thinking about going catfishing, other than stink baits what is your favorite bait for cats?
  2. Go To Your Local Creek And Catch Some Chub Minnows Then Put Them In A Bucket And Leave Out In The Sun All Day , Best Catfish Bait I Have Found, The Stinkier And Slimier The Better, Wont Have To Mess With Bullheads That Way, The Big Cats Will Eat Them Up!!

  3. I hear Noodling is the way to go ... but there is no way I'm putting my noodle near a cat's mouth.:yikes:
  4. Used to hammer them with Chicken livers.
  5. Spooky topic, becouse this is where 410 breaks out the pantyhose.

    I also go with cut bait, the oilier the fish the better. 2nd choice, just a gob of night crawlers on a large hook, 3rd choice a single crawler on a lindy rig with a floating jig head and last those nasty chicken livers.
  6. My neighbors kittens always seem to work well for the really big ones! Funny as heck seeing the neighbor looking around the yard for his cats. :cwm27:
  7. Too funny Tree!:biggrin:
  8. Yea, but how do you keep them from screaming when you run the big hook through them? Nothing louder than a cat screaming from a big old circle hook.:yikes:
  9. Unfortunately, Kittens are out... my dad takes them all to train his coon hound pups how to tree...
  10. Lord I apologize for that right there
  11. Smaller sunfish or creek chubs. Sometimes dead, sometimes alive.
  12. I guess some things are just better off un-said. Ooooopppps.
  13. Catupla worms(spelledwrong)...or chicken cut up and soaked in cherry or strawberry sauce....or gold fish!!!!!!:fish:
  14. I want to party with that guy.