Whats your draw weight

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  1. Just curious what does everyone have their bows cranked up to? Mine is at around 55 lbs., it did the job well yesterday with a pass through :biggrin:
  2. Mine is set about 63


  3. Switchback XT set at 71lbs. Always shot heavy when i was a kid, now i am just used to it.
  4. 65 on my Hoyt Magna tec. Hope I get a chance to use it.
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  5. About 65 lbs ,,I can comfortably draw it back while sitting...I have seen guys draw back and struggle to keep the arrow on its rest, I am sure a deer will pick off a guy who struggles to draw on it!
  6. 60lbs on my mighty mite bowtech 63 on my black knight it's comfortable and still deadly and very accurate i used to pull 70lbs and i went down and my groups got better
  7. i cranked mine down to 50 lbs this yr. for long sits in cold weather with minimal movement.
  8. 70#. I drew between 79 and 86 for sixteen years, so 70's a piece of cake now.
  9. 65 lbs. no let off yeah try that on for size....:cwm27:
  10. Your on :evilsmile :evilsmile :evilsmile
  11. draw wgt

    58lbs for me. After sitting for 3 hours.....feels like 158!
  12. 70# Hoyt Ex-Tec....Ger R Dun!!!!!!!
  13. 70# with 75% let off on my buckmasters g2 sl...pulled 75# with 55% let off for a long time so this bow feels like a dream.
  14. 73# here out of the mathews SQ2 short and sweet