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Whats your "Go-to" Bait?

Discussion in 'Northeast Indiana Fishing Reports' started by tinkleman123, Jun 29, 2006.

  1. All hail Gary Yamamoto!!! If i'm fishing Largemouth, my goto is 6" Watermelon and Black/flex senko. And for smallies i throw the 5" watermelon w/ blkfleck double hula-grub, also by Yamamoto.
  2. White curly tailed grubs and live bait...that is all I need!!!! By the way youre first name wouldnt happen to be Babe would it. I use to watch you every sunday afternoon!!!!!:evilsmile take care tink.....

  3. ccavacini

    ccavacini Super Mod Mod

    That's all we used in Canada...White curly tail grubs on 1/4 or 3/8 jigs.

    But in Indiana, no doubt, Zoom Trick worm rigged wacky.
  4. Spinnerbaits, any color as long as it's yellow.

    Rattletraps are great too, if you want your heart broken by seeing nice fish through the lure!
  5. Well my go to bait, being a gill fisherman I have a few baits, beetle spins, flies (black ants) and of course redworms and beemoths.
  6. I'd have to say the "Go-to" bait on my list is the 1/16 oz Rooster tailI have caught nearly every species with the chartuese, and the white...
  7. For largemouth I love to go to Kelley's plastic worms, especially the "Pier Boy" in red. For smallies, give me a live leech on a slip bobber. Hot for me on the gills & crappie are 1/16 oz jigs in any color but with a frayed 1/2" tail & tipped either with a bee moth or a worm piece.
  8. I definintly agree w/ all the soft plastic talk out there. but what about this CHATTER BAIT! I bought 4 and just dont kno how or where to throw them. IN Canada it slayed, but then again it was CANADA (the super-megaplex of all fishing). Any advice from chatter users? Because its just to good of bait not to use
  9. k+e worm

    3-hook prerigged k+e bass stopper rubber worms in purple with pink tail (with swivel) for bass, also caught gills, crappie on them. Also like the "walking worm" texas rigged in pumpkinseed for bass. Pop-r's are great for first morning bass in most spots along with the jitterbug at night.

  10. 21/2 tube jig. caught everything from stripers to catfish to blugil to big bass.
  11. 3" yellow grub...period, anywhere, any time of year.