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I have hopes that this will be are largest post.
I'll start it off. November 13, 2004
Here's the story:
I have been hunting this place for 3 years now, and have not harvested a deer from there yet. I have seen deer there, some pretty big. This Saturday (opening day) that all changed. In at 5:30 I was sitting on a ridge that overlooked a knarley area of sticker trees with a dried out creekbottom. I used my last Deerscent sticks and placed them about 30 yds in front of me. At 6:00 I seen a light, a hunter comming accross the field 150 yds in front of me.
I could hear Deer running around me but it was still dark out.
Between 6:30 and 7:30 I heard a few gunshots and hoped that someone was going to score. At 7:45 or so, I decided to look out my scope so i aimed it over at some toilet paper marker that I left there. I saw a deer tail moving at a fast pace at about 50 yds. It was going south. (The wind was blowing out of the east and I was facing west,carrying my scent into the woods but I was wearing a Chemical suit.) ?I had no shot, so I used my doe call a couple of times and within a couple of miniutes, here comes this buck nose toward the ground, in love. He was closing in on the scent sticks when I got an opening to shoot.
I launched a 125 gn. Nosler ballistic tip from my .308 striker and hit him at 30 yds., just above the heart. He ran/staggered for about 15 yds. more, and piled up in plain view. When I field dressed him, his liver was totally destroyed. That bullet didn't lose much of it's 2800 fps!
On the way back to get the truck, I saw a doe in the field. She was just sitting there watching me. As I passed through the field again she she was still there.
A farmer had seen her and came out to ask if it was my deer. He said that it had been shot. He drove up on the slope of the field to look at her. I followed him after I loaded up the buck. The doe was limping away at about 350 yds. I shot and missed, I walked up to scrub tree and used it as a rest. i put the cross hairs on her neck and shot again and hit her rear ankle. I couldn't get another shot because of distance and she was moving near some houses.
I drove out of the field and around to where i had seen her go. She was bedding down just outside the field. I shot her at about 40 yds with her facing me. I used a 130 gn wide hollow point. It went through her front shoulder and the bullet stoped, but the force of flying shoulder bone, broke her spine.
The buck weighed about 200 lbs. He was about 3-4 years old. My first mature buck! The doe weighed about 80 lbs. Someone had shot her front leg off that morning.
That Striker pistol worked well for me. I just got it back from Magnaport. They put their muzzle brake on it. It calmed the recoil right down.
This will be a memorable season for me!
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