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Where are you from?

Discussion in 'Sound Off' started by WarEagle, Dec 28, 2005.

  1. This has probably been a topic before...

    I just happened to think about it while I was posting some welcome to the site messages for the new members. I always wonder to myself where people are from. I am lucky enough to travel the entire state of Indiana (and Kentucky) so I like to get as much info from all over as I can get.

    I... am from Franklin, IN. It's about 20 miles South of Indianapolis.

  2. Orland, IN 5 min from MI 20 min from OH. just north west of Angola.

  3. Ft. wayne

    Ice dude, you know Donny DeMara?? he lives in your neck of the woods, he's my cousin.
  4. I'm located approx. 10 miles northwest of beautiful downtown Terre Haute. The tiny little hamlet of New Goshen, IN. in Vigo County.

  5. I am currently living in the town of Knox in Starke Co. I am looking to move to the Terre Haute area in the next month or so.

  6. ccavacini

    ccavacini Super Mod Mod

    Ft. Wayne....the home
  8. goggleye57...It's a small world...I live about 5 minutes from Universal. I think they still have a big party there at the end of every summer and they call it Bunsen Day.

    MI Duck Hunter...What brings you to the T.H. area?...I know it's not the great job opportunities and the night life!

  9. I have been to Bunsen days. I once drank 6 beers and 5 big bowls of beans. I felt sorry for the folks riding home with me!:dizzy: Sucker fishing on Broulett's Creek, pickin paw-paws on Jim's Creek, looking for arrowheads. Lots of good times!:) No family there anymore, all the old retired coal miners have passed away. thanks for bringing back all the fine memories.
  10. I live six and a half miles north of Columbia City on Crooked Lake..... in local terms I am from Tri-Lakes.
  11. 2 miles southeast of St. Anthony, in Dubois County, southwest IN.