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where do we go

Discussion in 'Mushroom Hunting' started by motherlode, Apr 6, 2005.

  1. we need to find some places to go mushroom hunting, got any suggestion of when and where
  2. What area do you live in? Black morels should start to come up soon with some rain. The first few are being reported on morel chat boards in the southern part of the state. Yellow morels seem to come up about the same time lilacs bloom. There are state fish and game areas and state parks around - good places to start. I go some in Indiana but really do the bulk of my mushrooming in Northern Michigan.
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  3. A shroomer just told me today the he starts looking here in middle to upper Indiana about the time that the message boards start showing morels in southern Indiana. He was saying that by the time you see them on here, you missed em. His wife said that he stays out from dawn til dusk when he is hunting, which is about 10 more hours than my back will take. He looks for dying elms of course, and told me to look along drainage ditches. I am thinking I'll go park in front of his house the night before and follow him when he leaves, but that would be unethical. But then I am typing this from a laptop, and hold on, someone is pulling out of the driveway now,,,,,,,
  4. love to hunt

    we live in north east indiana about 30 miles from ft. wayne, seems like the last couple of years we get about a mile a mushroom, getting to old for all the walking.
  5. I live at the Noble, Lagrange county line motherlode. 2 years ago was the best year i could ever remember. last year was the worst. This year im predicting a goood year. Go to mongo and find the "tower"..youll find blacks in about a week.
  6. Man oh man that takes me way back! I was finding mushrooms at the "tower" when I was a little feller. You were still a twinkle in your daddy's eye:cwm27:
  7. Noble we had the same two year period. That's what made last year soo bad. How is the longterm rainfall forecast, anybody know?
  8. i was told by an old timer that 2 yrs ago was good and this year will be just as good, and last year was bad because of the locust. not sure if that is true but i hope he is right.
  9. locusts?? i didnt know locusts made it jump to 80 degrees and cancel all rain through the month of may. If so...yup...they did it alright :)