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Where's all the Bushytail hunters at?

Discussion in 'Indiana Small Game Hunting' started by Windum1, Nov 23, 2005.

  1. Ahh squirrel season.....isn't it great! Seems like Deer hunting gets all the attention nowdays but i still dearly love hunting for those little quick buggers.
  2. Yes, I like huntin those little rascals. Funny how squirrels know when you are deer hunting, just about crawl all over you then when you are hunting squirrils again you gotta hunt them down.

  3. I've had them actually climb past me on stand. Somehow they know.:banghead3
  4. tree rat sniffed my boots yesterday, anyone ever seen a baby fox? cute
  5. Sen one? I shot one by accident...thought it was a ground squirrel that has been in the barns and bothering us...silly thing was on the ground by the barn.
  6. Speaking of squirrels... Did you know that they'll eat stuff like Locust carcasses, etc. Two summers ago I was talking on the phone and I looked out back and saw one eating a locust carcass. I asked someone about it and they said that it wasn't an oddity. Then that same fall, I was sitting in a deer stand when I noticed these two foxies messing around. The legs of a tree frog were in the crotch of this tree (same one they were living in) that must have been the remnants of a coon meal. Anyways, the female grabbed them and started nibbling on them. I was blown away!!!!! Anyone ever see this kind of carnivorous activity from a nut eater??
  7. My favorite hunting is after bushytails with my daughters tagging along. Always makes for a nice time out together even on the times we strike out.
  8. I like to hunt tree rats whenever I get a chance.
  9. This pic. was taken last season after a 3 person 2 hour hunt at my best place to go. Was going to post it with my original responce the other night, but could not get it to show up on any of the other boards were it was posted so I assume that something was wrong with imagestation that night.

    If pic. does not work right click on the X and select show picture
  10. tree rats!!

    anyone use dogs squirrel hunting? i've had an interest for awhile. it's just very hard to shjare anything with deer hunting.