Where's the noon news?

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  1. It's past 12:00...
    Treehugger and oldrookie are fishing for muskies today in webster lake, 410 is supposed to give us a mid-day progress report.

    What's the news,410???? Those guys catching any toothy monsters yet???

  2. 2:30

    Here it is 2:30 in the afternoon and still no word.
    You would think a couple guys in a boat locked in mortal combat with a few muskies could pick up a cell phone between maybe cast #964 and cast # 997 and tell us how it's going out there.
  3. Update

    410 just gave me a call, sounds like our friends treehugger and oldrookie were on the water until nearly 9pm, had several follows by muskie during the day, but neither ever touched a fish. Sounds like two men are sore and tired after tossing those monster plugs all day.

    May prove a point that Quail doesn't need to actually be on the water fishing to inflict the "curse of the skunk", but merely have dinner with the fisherman the night before.

    Sorry guys, if I had known, I'd have skipped on the dinner.
  4. Tuff day guys...fished from 8:00 a.m. - around 8:40 p.m. with a 40 minute lunch break...had some follow ups and rook hooked up on a hefty largemouth bass early on. Muskie fishing is definitely a workout. No toothy critters in the boat...this time...we will try again after we heal up. We learned a lot about Muskie fishing as well as about the lake.

    The guide asked us if we knew anybody that could potentially be a jinx to us...we thought a minute and said no...then he said if you did know someone that was a jinx had you been around them lately...we thought a minute and...wait a minute.....QUAIL!!!!!!!!!!
  5. Sorry about not getting everyone a report at noon. Try to call tree, I think they were to busy throwing those large baits. Tree call and said that they did not have a hook up but had some muskies follow the lures up to the boat. I know the two of them (tree & rookie) had a trip there will never forget.
    Supper on the evening of 12th was great, food was pretty good and know the boys enjoy the beer. HA!. It was nice to put faces and names with the gang, quail, tree, rookie, Scarlet Dew, James, Dean and yes 410. I had a great time.
    A big thanks to Dew for inviting all the guys to his house on the lake and showing us his toys, 4 wheeler, drag car, fish and deer heads. THANKS DEW.
    While tree and rookie with muskie fishing my friend Jim and I was fishing for gills and like I told tree on the cell we didn't get off the lake until around 9:00 pm and has about 2 hours of fishing cleaning. We caught 148 gills and lots of them were 8 to 9 inch gills. Had fun gang need to do it again sometime. Thanks for memories. 410
  6. You guys are most welcome.............was glad to see everyone of you!!

    "Nuts" on the Muskie Fishing report...go at 'em again boyz!! The "hard" is what makes it great.......just remember that as you chase those "toothy critters".....or just about anything that is worthwhile in life.

    On a side note...........I went to Private Message Dean this morning......and I couldn't get his private messaging to work. If Dean or one of you could shoot me a private message on how to contact him.....would be great.

    Again..........good time the other night at Jimmies and afterwards. You're all "good people"....I can tell. :coolgleam
  7. My bad:banghead3
  8. Scarlet, deanweimer43@yahoo.com

    O.K., O.K....I have a confession to make...forgive me Brother Tree and Brother Rookie for I have sinned. The other night I went back in the kitchen and dropped some anti-Musky pills in your dinners. Look, if anyone gets to catch a monster Musky, Mr. Dean Weimer will be in the boat with them. NOBODY steals my glory.

    Thanks to all of you too for allowing "The Coach" and I to join in the fun. Thanks to Coach's GPS for getting us home after experiencing a "Road Closed Ahead".

    Sorry about all the FOWL (sorry Quail) language the other night men......

    ON second thought, I do believe that Mr. Quaildancer is the reason for the skunk you got. The fish catchers were on the opposite side of the dinner table from you....perhaps you'll have to eat next to myself and the Coach next time....For an additional fee we'd be glad to rub some Karma onto you....
  9. LOL LOL LOL...enuff said Dean!!!
  10. You want to what???? You wouldn't even sign your autograph on the pic I brought in. Jimmy's was glad to hang the celebrity photo in the bar, I had to forge your signiture and Houston's too.
  11. You smell that Quail......That's burning Bird Flesh!!! Burn, Bird, Burn!!!!!!:chicken: !!!!
  12. That's terrible Quail...I can't believe Dean wouldn't sign that for you. What a pal.
  13. Looks like I won't be coming to Vermillion after all Randy!!!!

    Car problems...I'm sure you know how that is??????????????

    Anyone know of any pictures I might be able to use for a couple of Big Buck articles???:evilsmile !!!!

    :corkysm55 :) !!!!!!!