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wheres the smokepole stories?

Discussion in 'Indiana Whitetail Hunting' started by mason, Dec 9, 2006.

  1. going out tonight with my bow, try to shoot a doe where are smokepole stories?

  2. Saw around a dozen deer this morning. Had a nice doe come in to about forty yards, but by the time she cleared the brush, my wind got to her and away she went! I've had about four or five battles with this big girl, and she's won every time!
  3. I went out this morning. Bitterly cold wind this morning, but the deer movement made it a little more comfortable. Saw 18 does and the same 4X5 with two kicker points I have seen numerous times this year....he will score low 120's this year. Hope he makes it through the year b/c next year he will be a shooter next season. Back at it this afternoon.
  4. Went out this morning and set with the wind in my face and it was a little cold. Saw 11 does and 4 bucks (1 six, 1 seven and 2 eight pointers) just set and watch them for a hour and half, I have seen these buck all season long about every day. I have got my buck and one doe thought I would just enjoy the time watching the deer. What is funny all 4 bucks was together still chasing one or two of the does. WOW the 2 eights should be good next year and where they went from where I was at the lady allow no hunting which is GREAT.
  5. seabee

    seabee Staff Member Super Mod Mod

    I have a smoke pole story for ya, i let my brother use mine last year during the late season, well i finally found it in the the case in the back of the garage were he left it before he went back to His duty station, I was going to shoot a few shots this morning then head out in the afternoon and hunt the next couple of days since i have monday off, HE NEVER CLEANED THE GUN! So now i am stuck with, is it easier to clean this now or buy a thompson center pro hunter! Off to gander i go, three black pros on the shelf, waited half hour for help, now two pro hunters on the shelf, waited another fifteen minutes and got someone to help me before they run out. Filled out paper work, ran background check, got all my 209 primers, the powder pellets, 30 sabots and i am now 2 hours into my visit. (i hate christmas shopping time). As they are looking for the box i hear the loudspeaker come on and say "customers, we are having difficulty with our credit card machines, as of right now we can only accept cash or check" im am thinking to myself , You have to be kidding! Waited another 30 minutes and left with nothing. Went to the hotdog place down the street, got a few dogs and a phone book. My wife called every store in Indy and Lafayette, no one has a pro hunter, all we could locate was the frame at a few stores. No one had a muzzle loader barrel to where we could even purchase it seperately. So now i am stuck trying to clean my old one, had a heck of a time getting the sabbot out and the bolt didnt want to come out of the barrel either. I do have a pro hunter on order at sportsmans wharehouse, camo,thumbhole stock, should be in by middle of week. I am now one day behind, For some reason thats just how my whole season has been, im sure it will get better, All it takes is a bruiser to come by me and i will forget all about the turn off events this year. There hows that for a story?
  6. wow hell of a day curtis, i was stuck at home ALL day.
  7. i wish you could transplant some deer by me you guys are seeing way more than i am got winded about 5 pm tonight thats all the action i had i am probably done back surgery next friday
  8. passed on a 9 pointer decent buck,already took mine in dad shot him at around 50 yards.something happened to his leg aint sure if he was shot or pics tomorrow.
  9. My story stinks. Wife had her office Christmas party last night, and by time we got home it was very late. Slept in and hit the woods about 9:30, sounds like I should have been out there before dawn. I never saw a single deer.:banghead3
    I'll be in the tree waiting on them tomorrow morning.
  10. Killed a nice doe in my woods in Lagrange county this evening :)
  11. Congrats to your dad, Cat. And congrats on the doe, goggle.
  12. congrads on the deer folks lets see some pics;)
  13. not off till thursday so almost half the season is over
    it sucks but the money is good for that prohunter seabee
  14. i was out both this morning and tonight and never show a deer but im not to worried they are there and im more surprised than mad i have a final on monday then 2 on thursday and im done with college until jan