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Whining Lab

Discussion in 'Upland Game hunting, Dogs and dog training' started by JL, Jan 18, 2006.

  1. Hey fellas, I've got a five year old lab that I take waterfowling. She's a great retriever; she sits, stays, comes, and retrieves by whistles and hand signals. Great, right? Problem is, she whines all the time. She gets excited when the calling starts and she sees the birds coming in, and her whines turn into...almost a screaming! Any help in breaking her of this would certainly be appreciated.

  2. No need in busting the dogs chops, and the e collar correction will be late, had a three year old dog out of fc-afc code blue, awful line manners awful blind manners, dogtra bark collar sloved my problem. You do what you want, but smacking will create a booger, and being late with the e collar will have a possibilty of a booger, or your gonna be late, and dog will be cofused or whine worse. I promise you will not be able to catch the wine the instant it starts. Thanks Jonesy
  3. I've thought about a no-bark collar, which I think is what you're suggesting. Didn't know if it would work or not.
  4. Yea Jim, I thought I had that down, sorry, I used dogtra's, did not take long, Thanks Jonesy there is always a little trick some where, thanks Jonesy Jonesy's Gun Dogs Berea Kentucky, I train or fix all breed pointing dogs and retrievers Thanks again, Jonesy
  5. I'll try it...thanks, tail.
  6. you guy's seem pretty knoledgeble on dogs. my problem with my lab is she loves to retrieve but when she brings something back she doesn't want to give it up. she wants me to chase her. she thinks it's a game. i can't seem to know how to break her of it. any tips?
  7. ccavacini

    ccavacini Super Mod Mod

    When she comes back to you, have her sit...make it a forceful command...while she's sitting, (now there are a lot of thoughts on this) pinch her ear and say "drop" or "give" or whatever command you want...

    If your commands are strong enough, she'll realize that you're not playing around.

  8. I am gonna assume the pups young. No need in forceful!! Take and as the pups coming in, turn and walk the other way, it'll follow, then out of the corner of your eyes, turn and kneel down, she'll be in your lap before she can think about what just happened...ya follow?? Then just praise her, let her hold it, this is what has caused the problem, she knows you are gonna take it and shes not done showing it off. Let her hold then take your right hand pet down the outside part of the rightsde of the dog, in front of the hip is an area of skin that is called the flank, real loose floppy skin, when you pet down the body, take your left hand and grab the bumper, and at the same time pinch the flank, and say drop. The dog will open its mouth, spit the bumper and look to see what got her. As soon as the bumpers released, start immidiatly petting, put the bumper behind you. The ear pinch will be a problem, because if you ever have the dog force fetched, ear pinch, or toe pull is how its started. I would need to know a little more, as to attemp to go further. Thanks Dave Jones....Jonesy's Gun Dogs Berea, Kentucky I train and fix all breed bird dogs, and retrievers. Thanks Jonesy