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White bass spawn?

Discussion in 'Southeast Indiana Fishing Reports' started by smitty, Apr 12, 2007.

  1. just wondering if anyone is catching white bass from the river yet? Normally this is the time of year to start, but i figure the cold spell has set them back.:fish:
  2. Do you eat white bass? Im planning on trying for them his year over on the maumee

  3. White bass the same thing as what I call silvers???

  4. The whites are fun to catch, but I don't think they're worth bringing home to the table. They have a strong flavor.
  5. Soak 'em in 7-up, gets rid of the strong flavor. They eat like a cross between a crappie and a gill.
  6. guess Ill have to keep a few and see
  7. white bass are the fish you call silvers. That's what we call them around here. I haven't heard of anyone catching them yet from the Tippe, but the water is high enough to discourage fishing around the Oakdale Dam.

    I eat them, but prefer to keep the smaller ones. Once they get over 10" or so, they are stronger and the meat is much coarser than I prefer, but that is just me. I like them on the grill. A little olive oil, S&P, maybe some herbs....
  8. Few years back this time of year you could cast to the white bass in Catarac at last light, big fun. You could see them schooling on bait fish at the surface. Cast shallow running crank baits and slay em. Never kept one to eat.
  9. We usually get 'em in the Rock Creek outside of Markle on a flyrod or ultralight w/a roostertail...... Good fun...
  10. That sounds like a lot of fun!
    I fixed some a few years back that I caught on Lake Erie. I could eat them, but walleye and perch is WAY better.
  11. I've caught quite a few over at Mississinewa in years past while crappie fishing, have not been yet this year. Never have kept them, just the crappie
  12. I agree with Flintlocker - good on the grill - I basted them with garlic butter
  13. I use to catch some from the Tippe at my Aunts house in Winamac, my Uncle showed me how to fillet them, we soaked them in cold salt water and he trimmed the pink off the fillets(back and belly) We put them on the grill with butter, S&P and lemon juice wrapped in foil. Mmmmmmmmmmmmm good!
  14. I catch them out of Whitewater R. north of Brookeville reservoire, they are a blast to catch (fight pretty good on my ultralight), and i like eating them. Haven't noticed them tasting strong. I think they're just a bit bland, so i add some xtra spices. They do have a red stripe down the fillet, but i dont taste anything funny.
  15. Little brother went out two weeks ago...I was in Key West on spring break...not much white bass bite yet but the crappies were stacked in the eddy holes.
    He hasn't been out again due to work and weather...yeah, we're getting soft in our old age.