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white county pheasants

Discussion in 'Upland Game hunting, Dogs and dog training' started by tilesetter, Dec 10, 2006.

  1. Had a great time today hunting with Cary, Randy Willis ,his father Dave and Mike McDonald. Did see some pheasants but I believe they were all hens!:banghead3

    It was neat to hunt with a dog today ,Meg was pretty cool when she went on point. She did well(I thought) and thanxs for coming to hunt guys. Sorry we didn't get any ,but was a fun time..

    P.s The coyotes are getting bad,,we saw 3 different yotes today and several hawks! The closet coyote was within 20 yards of randy and mike! Shots were taken,but believe the yotes will live another day.:16suspect
  2. I always see em by the big chicken farm on the way to Monon from 41. Also seen some BIG turkeys over there too. When I was a kid we used to hunt just out of Buffalo we used to get alot of quail but not to many pheasants. Still good quail shooting down there?

  3. I usually see hens when I try to hunt the middle of the day around here. If I get out early, first couple of hours of daylight, or go late, the last hour or so of daylight, seems I manage to catch the longtails coming or going. Glad you enjoyed some dog work. It focuses on the fact that there's a lot more to bird hunting than meat, they put the sport in it for me.
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