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Whitetail institute

Discussion in 'Whitetail Deer Habitat' started by indylandon, Jul 9, 2007.

  1. I know some of you guys visit Gander Mountain frequently so I was wanting to know if they sell the Whitetail institute clover. If you know the price of the large bag, I think it's 25lbs, that would be very helpful. Can't wait to get my food plot started so I can kill a B&C whitetail. Thanks
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  2. Gander does indeed sell the Whitetail Institute products. Right off hand I can't recall the price of that particular bag.

    Remember though, no food plot product will guarantee Boone and Crockett success. Those type of antler genetics have to be present in a buck before he'll develope into one, regardless of what he's eating.

    It's like feeding a kid who has 6 foot height genetics all the best, most nutritious food there is and expecting him to grow to 7ft. It ain't gonna happen.
  3. Thanks for the info Dean. I know that the plot isn't the only thing that's going to get me a booner. There are some good genetics runnin around where I hunt, I just hope they all run to my plot. My place is around the Morgan Monroe forestry and there's moslty woodlands. Not alot of nutrition around if you know what I mean. Thanks again.
  4. ...just tryin' to squash all of the negativity up front (from others, not you). Good luck with your plots. The Imperial Whitetail Clover is perhaps the best clover blend available. I might suggest to you that you send in for the free seed blends to try some small test plots. You'll also recieve a free DVD, and will recieve their publication for free. It's a good package to get for some "chump change". The DVD is very educational.

  5. If i ever get 32 bucks, im doing this, mixing all the seed up, putting some ladino clover with it, and planting it, screw it...hahaha