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Discussion in 'Indiana Whitetail Hunting' started by BREWERSVILLE OUTFITTERS, Aug 27, 2006.

  1. Thanks Brew! That is some good information.

    Last year I shot an 11 point that field dressed at 205. According to that chart, it should have yielded about 110 lbs (clean shot, not a lot of messed up meat!) The guy that I took it to brought out two wal mart bags and said that was it. I squabbled with him and wouldn't you know it, they "found" another bag of meat back in the back of the freezer that was mine as well. As you can guess, I was not too pleased. After arguing with him for a while and accusing him of stealing my meat to no avail, I drove off. I went home and weighed it; it was about 50 lbs.
    I know of others that went out to the same guy and never retrieved their meat. The guy closed down and there was nothing that they could do. My buddies went to the C.O. and they said that they could not do anything that they would have to take the butcher to small claims court, and that probably all they could get out of him was recooping the cost of the tags. By this time, they had already hunted their season (Gun only) and were S.O.L.

    I think that this year I will butcher it myself....

  2. The same things you've described are what drove me to butcher my own deer, and I've been doing it myself now for about 13 yrs. It's much cheaper, and YOU are in constant attention of your meat. You never have to wonder whose deer your getting, or how much hair/bone dust will be in your meat. I would NEVER take my deer to a processor again.
  3. I've never taken a deer to the butcher. I taught myself from the very first deer I ever shot and have learned along the way on what to do and what not to do. I could never see spending that kind of money for someone to cut up a deer for me. But then again, I don't like the salamie and other processed type of meats either. Boning out a deer into steaks, roasts, and grinding up to make burger and sausage is pretty easy stuff, IMO. I'll keep doing my own.:)
  4. We always process our own, too expensive not too, and you are right about not getting back your own meat. To me it adds to the experience, much the way traditional bow hunter talks about using a recurve. Its something dad and I do together and 410 always seems to show up to provide supervision. Dad has got it down on making summer sausage and my oldest son is pretty good at running jerky through the dehydrator. My two year old goes to the refrigerator regularly to bite off a hunk of summer sausage and not tell anyone he was in there (teeth marks say it all). My daughter chooses it as a snack all the time.
  5. Hey Scott you forgot to tell them about how you dad is always the one who parts in the herbs and spices and you and I get to mix up all that cold chit with our hands and yes it out in the cold. Or Scott think about how many times he fills the bird feeder when ever we got to something that gets you hands froze.
  6. I just posted on this topic under meat processors. There is a guy in Greenfield (at least he was doing it in 2002) that butchers right in front of you. You get everything that you should and you get your own deer. There are many places where you don't even get your own deer meat back. Shaddy!
  7. Yeah i used to work at a processing plant and no one got there deer only, but you did get an equivalent amount back.