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Whiz in a Scrape!!!!

Discussion in 'Indiana Whitetail Hunting' started by BREWERSVILLE OUTFITTERS, Nov 17, 2006.

  1. Never tried that but I do whizzz from my stand. When you gotta' go you gotta' go!!!

  2. no wonder I'v been seeing so many bucks. I've been Wizzin all over the place when in my stand.:cwm27:
  3. I would need to see some data or some video to believe this one.
  4. My grandfather told me to do that atleast 15 years ago..... I thought he was just bulls%^ting me. Who would have thought.
  5. Now, after all the times of waiting till my son-in-law got down from his stand, and me sneakin over and wizzin in the scrape by his stand, I find out I might be doing him a favor. :banghead3 :banghead3 :banghead3 :banghead3
  6. hmmmmm....I've heard of people doin that before but I'm not gonna take a chance
  7. Years ago when hunting public land, I had a dad and kid stop about 40 yards from me so the kid could pee. I was mad, but they didn't see me...not their fault. About 30 min later an big doe veered off the trail to check out where he peed and I dropped her. I never had the nerve to experiment with the idea during season.
  8. read an article one time where a guy mixed his 50 50 with dowe urine and swore by it. i guess if you decide to do it at least you know it's fresh lol. i think i'll pass.
  9. i pee out of my tree stand all the time and i never have seen this work:bonk: but i will keep and open mind, because deer are not as smart as people take them to be these movies make them seem like haley's comet!:yikes: I think my problem of not getting a deer in 5 years is i try to hard to outsmart a deer when in reality i'm spooking them:mad: I do the scent control shower , clothes, scent killer spray, nothin's workin" ya just gotta get lucky i think and DO YOUR HOMEWORK! Oh well! GOOD LUCK TO ALL THIS SEASON!!:cool:
  10. If a scrape is nearby....let 'er fly!!!!!!!!

    I piss in every scrape that I can. People give deer way too much credit for being smart enough to know that it isn't just their pee. I used to piss in a jar from my stand, but no more. Drs Kroll and Koerth did a study several years ago to determine what was the best "scent" to use in a scrape to attract bucks. They used buck pee, doe pee, estrus doe pee, and even coyote pee. The bucks hit the scrapes no matter what was put in them. And get this...for kicks they even used a cherry scented car air freshener spray and it did nothing to dissuade bucks from hitting and refreshening up scrapes. I'm sure some of you are gonna scoff at this, but human pee is harmless. If you have to go and there is a scrape nearby......let er fly. When I was in Kansas one of the guys was adament about not leaving human urine in the area...well, let's just say that I wasn't. Many times I'll go ahead and add some Dominant Buck Urine, or a little Fresh Doe in Estrus to my own "elixir".........

    And P.S. Mike Hanback has taken more giants than all of us put together. I think he'd know.
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  11. Now we know why dean only gets little bucks. Small whizzer=Small deer If want that dominant buck Dean give me a call I'll pee in your scrape for you:evil:
  12. Big Bucks=Big Bulls!!!!!!

    :dizzy: I happen to have a large whizzer....Thank You!!!!!!!
  13. This better not start another big contest and please don't post any pics.
  14. I assume that you've all heard of the Ultimate Scrape Dripper????? Now you know where they came up with the name.........

    Sorry everyone...I'll stop now.....Sorry Steve, please don't boot me off!!!!!!