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who all would like to see an extended whitetail season

Discussion in 'Indiana Whitetail Hunting' started by bowaddict, Dec 16, 2005.

  1. Maybe for anyone that has tags left, one week after late bow, does only. Any weapon could be used. I think a number of guys would appreciate taking a doe instead of burning that unused buck tag from gun season.

    How about this, i have a lifetime license. I hunt mainly in Miami County, where this year we could only take 1 bonus antlerless. If I shot my buck during bow season then my gun tag would be worthless and I would then only be able to take 4 deer instead of 5 deer. Granted this would only penalize me if I could / had chances to fill all my tags.

    How abous this, why is the Shotgun tag only good for a buck, yet your bow and muzzleloader tag is good for either? If the state really wants to help out the buck population then open that tag up to either buck or doe, however if someone takes a doe with it then they would have to wait until muzzleloader or take a buck with a bow. I know a lot of guys that dont' want to spend the extra 24 bucks to buy the bonus tag, but would take a nice doe over a little buck. Chances are most guys see 3 times the does if not more then buck and if lets say 25 percent of them took a doe instead of a buck that woulld make quite a difference in the buck population in just a few years

    whats your guys opinion on these suggestions????
  2. If it was for doe only, I could be for it.

  3. I've always wondered why the shotgun tag was for "buck only". Made no sense to me....should be either sex.

    It's nice not to have to worry about all the tags with a L.L. Glad I got mine before they pulled the plug. Too bad my children will not be able to share the same thing.
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  5. I'd probably say it is still buck only because that's how it traditionally was. I agree that revenue is the reason behind making us pay for another antlerless permit. I like how they do it in Illinois. When you get a firearms tag, it is good for either sex. I think this would be a good thing.
    I do know that the Indiana Deer Hunters Assoc. has proposed to the DNR that antlerless permits go down in price as you fill them starting next year. Don't know if this will go into law or not. They are also proposing a youth antlerless only season next Sept. They're saying that kids 16 and younger could use any legal weapon to harvest antlerless deer, if they are accompanied by an adult 18 or older. I think they are planning it for the last weekend in Sept.
  6. Dean - you are partially right. The proposals you speak of will most likely go into effect next year (2006) and the IDHA was in favor of them but they came from the IDNR and discussions with several groups including IDHA but not exclusivey IDHA. The youth hunting season for example was first pushed by an adhoc group made up of folks from the Safari Club, IDNR, and Pheasants Forever and was an off shoot of the Fish and Wildlife Conservation Committee that I meet with every quarter.

    The proposed administrative rule on the youth season may be viewed at:

  7. I would like to see a primitive muzzleloader season (flintlock) the weekend before firearm season...Give early bow season the entire week of october 1st, that will give a few more pre-firearm season days. Bow would still be in during that last week before firearm season. Also allow muzzleloader to run just like late bow season until the end of the year....Keep the one buck rule and one or two more does....Just my thoughts
  8. Jack,

    That is the way I understood it too.

    In the past there was some people and groups that wanted no part of an early season for youths.The reasons stated was that it would interfere with the early bow season. Not a very good reason when it comes to our youth.

    The "compromise" of the week before archery season and antlerless only seems to be an appeasement to those people and groups.

    Kudos to the IDNR and the Fish and Wildlife Conservation Committee for following Kentucky's lead and advancing this worthwhile project.

    As far as the gender of deer and the timing - the foot is in the door. ;)

    Changes can be made down the road as this catches on.
  9. How about a late handgun season, after the late bow?
  10. Those sound like pretty solid thoughts to me! ...............

    we have a VERY robust resource that could stand ALOT more pressure than we give it, the OBR should be used to allow for expanded opportunities in under utilized portions of the deer season.

    A word of caution to ya there Indianahunter:

    You may get a reputation of having a "dis-like for archers" because you would like to see modern deer hunting regulations used in connection with modern deer management.
  11. Archers-bowhunters have already given up the only real chance to harvest more than one buck, now have a firearms season during the archery hunt, I think not.:bash:
  12. From what I am's the archers (early season bowhunters) that offered up their privilage of an additional buck. The largest bowhunting group in Indiana is behind and supporting the OBR. If they didn't have enough foresight to see what that was going to do to their season, and look around and see what other states that have OBR was doing, then shame on them.

    LOTS of folks bowhunted the early season JUST for the opportunity at an additional's called **utilizing the season**. Our seasons, weapons and license structure was designed with a one and one buck bag in mind. If we change the buck bag, you can be assured that other changes will follow!!!!!