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Who will protect our guns?

Discussion in 'Sound Off' started by anon782010, May 17, 2007.

  1. I mean other than us. Election time coming up, this is kind of nice.

    Presidential candidates on gun control

    Joe Biden: Voted against preventing gun manufacturers from being sued. Earned an F from the NRA.
    Hillary Clinton: Made gun control a key issue of her 2000 campaign for the U.S. Senate, backing proposals to require the licensing and registering of all new handguns purchased in the United States.
    Chris Dodd: Voted for requiring background checks at gun shows. Said U.S. needs to look beyond guns to ``issues of mental health, what's on our television and video things.''
    John Edwards: Backed Democratic gun control measures when he was in the Senate, but said after the Virginia Tech shootings that he 'believes that the Second Amendment protects gun ownership and that we must keep guns out of criminals' hands.''
    Mike Gravel: Raised his hand during recent debate when asked if he had ever had a gun in his home.
    Dennis Kucinich: Rated an ''F'' with the NRA. Supports requiring background checks, licensing and fingerprinting.
    Barack Obama: Said in a radio interview after the Virginia Tech shootings that he supported making it tougher for the mentally ill to own guns, but added, ``I'm respectful of people who want to hunt or sportsmen, somebody who might want to have a gun in the house to protect their home.''
    Bill Richardson: Has said that gun ownership in the West is ''critically important'' though he supports background checks to detect criminal activity.
    Sam Brownback: Voted against background checks at gun shows. Voted in favor of requiring gun makers and dealers to sell handguns with safety locks.
    Jim Gilmore: As governor of Virginia, touted a program called ''Project Exile,'' which calls for mandatory minimum five-year sentences for gun-wielding felons.
    Rudy Giuliani: Lobbied for a federal ban on assault weapons. Criticized southern states as having lax restrictions on gun sales.
    Mike Huckabee: Said in a radio interview that a student or teacher carrying a concealed weapon might have reduced the death toll from the Virginia Tech shooting spree. A longtime hunter, Huckabee has consistently touted his support for concealed-weapon permits and his own license to carry.
    Duncan Hunter: The NRA endorsed him last year and gave his lifetime voting record an ''A.'' Voted to protect gun makers from civil lawsuits.
    John McCain: Voted against background checks at gun shows and a ban on assault weapons. Voted in favor of requiring gun makers and dealers to sell handguns with safety locks.
    Ron Paul: Received high ratings and tens of thousands of dollars from pro-gun groups. Voted against background checks at gun shows.
    Mitt Romney: When he ran for Massachusetts governor in 2002, said he supported the state's ''tough'' gun laws, and later signed an assault weapon ban. Designated May 7, 2005, as ''The Right to Bear Arms Day'' in the state.
    Tom Tancredo: Earned an endorsement last year from the NRA, which gave him an ''A'' for his lifetime voting record on gun issues. Voted to protect gun makers from civil lawsuits.
    Tommy Thompson: As governor of Wisconsin, signed legislation that increased penalties for gun violence near schools.
    Sources: Vote Smart Project, On the Issues.
  2. There is only One - Ron Paul. Maybe Fred Thompson when/if he chooses to run.

    The rest, and ALL the rest have major issues - mainly in opposing the Bill of Rights in one fashion or another.

    (Can we say McCain-Feingold?)

  3. Marsh
    I set here reading the start of the thread and WOW here we go, one side of the story again, what is the other side doing. Not trying to start any thing, but dam* I am 58 years old and it seen to not make any different which party is in the white house it is the same. Plus you know Mrs. Clinton is on her way. She is packing for the white house. HA!HA!
  4. shes packing alright 410...
    that aint a codpiece
  5. :yikes:
  6. Well go ahead and vote Republican, Bush getting out young men killed for no reason and the v.p. shooting people here in the states. WOW there is not a l good person in the bunch on both side. They all have a problem we need a hillbilly or a farmer in there to straighten things out, someone like Dean or Quail HA!
  7. Well Bill, thanks for the vote of confidence, but I'm neither a Hillbilly, nor a farmer...I'm unsure where I fit in to your categorization. Quail on the other hand......................??????????????????????????????????????:chicken:
  8. On the primary question about gun control...I don't think it really matters... one bunch wants to do ayway our rights now...the other will allow our rights to erode a little at at time to gain votes for some other issue. It's up to us to keep pushing.

    As far as the hillibillie farmer. I may have the best hillbillie pedigree...When I was young and would go to my dad's family reunions in West Virginia, Beckley and Baileysville, there would be both Hatfields and Mccoys. I'm not a farmer though I have an Uncle in Georgia with about 5000 acres.
  9. I'll go on record and say - There is not a good candidate on either side. Plain and simple. Some have good points, but the bad overshadows all of it. I am not a democrat, but I would have voted for Evan Bayh; since he's not running - whatever, they're gonna do it anyway. To quote a great music group "Roll with the changes" Baby! Still the land of the free amd the home of the brave....... Let's keep it that way!
  10. :yeahthat:
  11. Bayh is a wolf in sheeps clothing...his dad invented the modern liberal...
  12. I didn't say I agreed with everything, just the lesser of two evils...... And his dad did try to revive the popular vote. That means your vote actually counts........ a novel idea. I'm votin' for Pedro.
  13. Glad to see you were old enough to have voted for Birch and to have known his issues!!
  14. It seems to me that one issue with Gun Laws that was focused upon by the list above is background checks at gun shows. One of the others is mentally ill individuals.

    Can someone please explain to me why it is so harmful that we potentially keep a gun out of a convicted felon's hands or out of someone who is mentally ill? Please do not give me the 2nd Amendment arguement or they are infinging upon my rights or the "give them an inch and the take a mile argument. Something with actual substance please. Too me, background checks do not prevent someone from owning a gun, your actions that caused you to have a felony record causes you to not be able to own a gun.
  15. No problems with background checks... except that they create a database of every gun purchaced and every purchaser - don't think it doesn't.

    And as for the proposed law to criminalize mental illness - guess what, HR 297 becomes law and my wife become a Felon - because my wife has been "involuntairly institutionalized" and, because this is a community property state, "owns guns" simply because they are in the house.

    I should give up my guns because my wife had, many years ago, not yet been properly treated for a treatable disease?

    I don't think so.