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Who's deer is it.

Discussion in 'Indiana Whitetail Hunting' started by TANKER, Nov 29, 2006.

  1. Hunter #1 shoots at a buck, hunter #2 shoots at same buck.
    The deer is wounded and blood trail is minimal. Hunters 1 & 2 decide to track deer next day. 7 hunters tracking deer jump it up. Bucks leg is broke above hoof. Only 1 hunter, hunter #3 carried a gun. Hunter 3 shoots deer 2 times in chest cavity. My question is is who does the deer belong to.
    Hunter 1 claimed deer even though no blood was found until after the point that hunter 2 shot deer.Deer was hit 4 times 1 in the leg, 1 in the horns and 2 in chest cavity.

  2. I'm surprised anybody would claim being that bad of a shot! Whoever put the killing shot on the deer could claim it as there's IMO.
  3. This deer will score well into 180's maybe even 190's. It is huge.
    Hunter 2 made no claim to the deer, though he thinks he is the one that broke its leg.
  4. I think whoever puts the killing shot(s) into the deer is the one who claims it. This is probably a call the an ICO should make.
  5. Many years ago I was hunting with a couple of buddies, one of which was sitting along a fence line about 150 yards from me. A huge buck made its way across the field toward my friend, he shot the deer with his shotgun, and the deer started running toward a creek on path that pretty much coming right at me. At about 20 yards, I dropped the monster with a shot to the chest.

    After inspecting the buck, we found that my buddy's shot looked to be a non-vital hit. We really didn't talk much about it, but he ended up tagging the deer and with a trophy on his wall. I guess the lesson there was that the friendship is much more important than the deer, but it still hurts as I have not seen a deer of that caliber in the 8 years since that day.....
  6. Closest shot to the heart!
  7. Seen it happen at Pigeon River. The C.O. helped a lot. My cousin had a nice buck come in with arrow sticking out of it's rear quarter. Once again ... a nice buck, he double lunged it but his arrow passed through. The officer made it pretty simple once he appeared on the scene, the other guy was a complete A$$ about the whole situation even though his hit was pitiful. Whoever kills the deer tags it! However IndyArcher your act was very commendable as far friends go;) ! Oh yeah Cousin tagged the buck - it only went another 50 yards before piling up.
  8. Not that I agree or he did either, but I was told by a CO, " Who ever draws first blood no matter how slight or how bad of a shot, that person is the rightful keeper of the recovered animal."
  9. Where did this happen? A deer was shot within 2 miles of me that sounds just like this, but I haven't heard what the deer scores.
  10. hunter #3 got screwed.
  11. If hunter three is with the group looking for the wounded deer I he doesn't have any right to claim it in my opinion. If I am helping my buddy track a deer he shot and I finish it off for him then claim it becuase it is big that would be a ****** thing to do. If hunter three is not with the group and a wounded deer comes by him he has every right to claim it.
  12. I'm confused, were hunters #1 and #3 heading towards each other at the same rate of speed? I didn't know there was going to be math.
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  13. Quail beat me to the punch :cheeky-sm I thought this train was headed to Fargo.

    Either way, I thought the first person to hit it would claim right...especially since it sounds like the other members of the group are on a recovery mission, not an initial hunt. Hunter 3 doesn't have right, #1 only if able to prove hit first over #2.
  14. IMO, Hunter #3 claims that deer because he put the killing shot(s) into it and was the only one smart enough to bring a gun. I seriously doubt that deer would EVER be found had it not been for Hunter #3s killing shots.