why do YOU huntor fish

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  1. one of the post i read had an excellent question, think down deep and be honest what are the real reasons we hunt or fish

    mine are i love the solitude of the woods ,it gives me quality time to think about life in general also i can talk to my creater in a very relaxed atmosphere, no matter how bad things get its always better after a good nights sit, then there is the adrenalin rush that happens also, hunting with family and freinds is time spent that no amount of money could buy, at the end of it all, its all about memorys, family & friends , whoever dies with the most friends WINS!!!!!
  2. same

    :yeahthat: and to get away from the wife!:hide:

  3. For me it is almost a get away from life. There is no stress, at least that I can think of when I have a rod & reel in hand or a gun/bow with me. The wilderness is my psychiatrist. The sound of nature provides me with an inner peace I guess you could say.
  4. Why do I hunt?

    I hunt because thats what makes me who I am. I hunt because somewhere along the line I was one of the fortunate ones to not have survival instincts depleted out of my family line through urban sprawl and city life. I hunt because somewhere inside me when the air gets cooler, the crops start turning colors, and the leaves are the brightest color of the year; something inside me starts to stir. I know where I am supposed to be, I know what I am supposed to be doing. Its hard to focus on most anything else, and often times I find myself daydreaming of stands in oak flats after the crops have come off or hearing the sounds of hooves in the early morning leaves. Its magically therapeutic. Ill be honest I dont attend church, simply because I believe the church system is way too political for my liking. I find that most people that claim to be christians are the first to judge someone for not going to church. I find my church each time I'm in the woods. There are certain connections that one can make when engulfed with natures beauty. Just sitting silently contemplating and replenishing your personal reserves through a spiritual connection to the animals you hunt and the environment they live in, thats what hunting to me is all about. I dont claim to be a highly spiritual person but i have a connection with a supreme power in life and I find that connection each time I'm in the woods. I hunt because its an instinct i posses, an instinct that leads me to a church that I can become closer to god, my family, my heritage, and myself. Thats why I hunt.
  5. no people

    no need to talk, no phones, listen to how mother nature talks. then a jetski ruins the moment. :banghead3
  6. Man, trdtnl said it all...exactly how I feel. Plus, I go freakin' nuts if I don't hunt/fish for a couple of days!
  7. trdtnl, AMEN,couldn't be said any better;)
  8. I 2nd that! I just Have to hunt now, just a part of me.
  9. Solitude? Relaxed? Must not hunt with Weimer. I hunt because I hope to some day get a shot at him and not have to go to jail for it. Accidents happen you know.

    Just joking boys, don't read anything into that. Yes, I'll say it..."Dean's my friend"

    Who else but a friend would show you where he hunts and then tells you when he's going to a Van Halen concert, Iowa hunting trip, or Purdue football game several days in advance? Right Dean?
  10. Always wonder why the deer trails past your stands get bigger as the season wears on? Drag marks from me removing the "cull" 12 pointers.
  11. Sneaky Scott...I like it!
  12. I hunt and fish because I am getting old and never had a lot of changes to fish or hunt when you work 10 to 12 hours a day 7 days a week. I hunt and fish cause that is where the Lord and I can have a talk and most of the time he wins. So thank him when every you are out in the woods or around the water for he made what you see.
  13. i hunt for all the same fellas but the biggest reason is my daddy taught me the love of nature and the right to bear arms and poles;) and that was passed on from grandad to my daddy to me and my son
  14. brilliant !!!!!!!!!!!
  15. Did Weimer die or something? I baited him hard here and no reply. Don't tell me he got a job and is too busy working:cwm27: !