why pam why

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  1. did anyone else see pamala anderson get naked for peta? Its so hipocritical when stars get in the spot light by performing antics that they really don't have true belief in. I wonder if pam has leather bags, shoes and furry little teddy that she is willing to give up since she doesn't like harming animals. she cant be a vegitarian we all have seen her eat long dogs named tommy.
  2. Let's not forget, Pam has gotten naked quite frequently for crazy reasons in the past.....with the exception of her first Playboy shoot. Now there was a worthy reason to bare it all......

  3. bags

    Last I saw of her, she certainly didn't have any bags! Won't comment on the fur.:confused:

  4. No doubt about it...she is definitely a meat eater!
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  6. Watch out

    Next thing you know someone will post smut like a dog photo.
  7. I was waiting for you to chime in on that one...where have you been?
  8. ???????

    As much as she likes sausage, you would think she would give up on the PETA thing.
  9. P.E.T.A....Pam Eating "Tasty" Appendiges.......
  10. Sissy!!
  11. We have a weiner, I mean winner!!!!!!!! Nice one Dean.:evil:
  12. Quail shamed me into it...I want to keep his friendship. Besides I wasn't sure if the rumor I heard was true or not that the reason Pam and Tommy split was because he was always eating her beaver...that proves they are both animal lovers. :yikes:
  13. Maybe Pam misunderstood....the organizers told her it was a P.E.T.A. rally and Pam thought there was a "R" on the end of that!!!!!!
  14. Now if we could only band together and find a way to shame Weimer!
    Could take a lot of work.