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Why should I do QDM?

Discussion in 'Indiana Whitetail Hunting' started by Bob DuCharme, Dec 6, 2006.

  1. Being raised on Traditional deer management and the laws that made traditional deer management the only way to go, why should I change now?
  2. Really, you don't have to. Why are you considering it? If you're unhappy with some (or many) aspects of TDM, there's your answer on why you might consider changing. Really, I don't know a ton about QDM...I do know, however, that I pass on smaller bucks, and try to take mature animals, which is part of QDM. I also shoot as many does as possible. On the two properties that I hunt, I have seen more and bigger deer over the last five years than ever before. That is why I would try QDM.
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  3. He's playing a game. He's a regional director of QDM.
  4. Good Question I Like It No Thoughts Thou Reduce The Doe Tags
  5. In Charlie Alsheimer's book QDM The Basics and Beyond he explains the differences between TDM and QDM. If you want to learn a lot more on QDM i would suggest getting that book. To sum up the reasons for change from TDM to QDM I would say the main purpose is to eliminate the unbalanced ratio of does to bucks. This will provide you with much more mature deer overall and strengthen the whitetail herd.
  6. Right on Tine lock, great reading. Tells the truth, no more no less.
  7. Let the cat out of the bag there...should have read his profile first. Why would you do this to us, Bob?
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  8. The part of QDM I strongly beleive in is also the harvesting of does. I do this because I'm sick of having barely any reaction to calling in my area. The ratio is horrible.
  9. Maybe he wants to see if we've done our "homework".......sorry Tree. :corkysm55
  10. Nice!
  11. Bob, I have a "Why should I do QDM" question if your willing to do a little Q&A for us. I understand the ideals of QDM and think they are good ideas and fit into how I like to hunt. I like to hunt for big bucks and I love to shoot does with my bow. But I'm wondering if it fits into my situation as well as some others.

    I hunt on a farm that is roughly 350 acres. The people who hunt on this farm (3 of us during gun and only me during bow) only shoot mature bucks but the neighboring landowners shoot anything. We have tons of does on our property and the landowner does not want us to shoot does. He believes that if you have a lot of does on your property you will also have the bucks during the rut. I tried to convince him to go to a QDM program, but he's not interested. After talking to him I started thinking that maybe he is right. We have plenty of food. We plant beans, corn and clovers and let the grain stay up all winter. There is plenty to go around so food is not an issue (one disadvantage is there are lot of 5, 6 and 7 1/2 does running around busting me in the stand.) The rut hunting is harder than it would be with a closer buck to doe ratio, but the bucks are not running around the other properties getting shot either. They dont have to travel much to find does, which in turn keeps them alive long enough to get old. I believe that age is the hardest of the three to obtain (we have the nutrition and genetics). I usually get a good chance at them in the late season around food. So, under this situation what why would a QDM program be better for us?
  12. Welcome Bob,

    Enjoying my December issue of Quality Whitetails right now. Thought the name sounded familiar. Anyhow, welcome and state your case for QDM. I personally practice it because I feel it reflects my desire to be a steward of the resource rather than just a consumer of it. Pay it forward and leave more than you take, not only in a sound deer herd and environment but in the education behind it. That is why I do it (but good hunting may have a part in it too!!).

  13. QDM is like many other issues...Two sides... Harvesting older mature bucks and keeping the buck/doe ratio in line are sound practices and I beleive they payoff in the long run.
  14. If I can get people to talk, listen and think about why change to QDM, just a little bit , it helps to plant a seed.
    You have some interesting coments, that makes me think to.
    I don't get on here much, but will from time to time, just keep the dialog up and people will find interest in the future.
    QDM is the future of deer hunting. You can read more about Quality Deer Management from books such as Growm Em Right, by Neil and Craig Dougherty, Quality Deer Management, The basics and beyond, By Charlies Alsheimer, and other super QDM books at Check it out!