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Wild cat creek

Discussion in 'Central Indiana Fishing Reports' started by rightjambi, Jul 2, 2007.

  1. So I just got back from my camping journey and I have to say it was a blast. Due to the rain the creek was pretty swollen and the currents were fairly ruff, But that didnt stop us at all from pulling up on average 4-7 lb. cats. Like i said before I was coming up from chicagoland and looking for a place that was pretty secluded and we found just that. The only people we bumped into were a few people coming down the creek in canos I believe and they were fishing smallys, But they gave us a wave and a good luck on the way through so it was pretty cool. They only downfall of the trip was haulin the 50 million pounds in beer bottles back out of the woods when we were cleanin up camp haha. Anyway that trip also helped my soon to be wife and I choose that Indiana is the place for us to live. She can get into perdue and finish up her pharmacy schooling as perdue is an awesome school and Hopefully I can get a job at one of the factorys out there. But the cost of living looks sooooo much better than it does around here and we found a house we really like for rent in the outskirts of lafayette. Anyway thankyou all for the advice before my trip and I hope to see alot of you if we make this move in the next month or two. Id love nothing more then to get involved with the outdoor sportsman things you guys have goin on out there. Thankyou again
  2. Sounds like you had a good time....

    There are worse places to settle than the Greater Lafayette area.

  3. Welcome!!!! and glad you could have some fun on the Wildcat River. I fish the wildcat quite a lot on my lunch breaks in Kokomo, and sometimes below the dam at the Res.

    I've never caught cats in the Wildcat just some smallies and Walleye.

  4. Hey Al,
    Nice picture. You find you an old ford 4 x 4.
  5. Mr Zucco!!!! Long time no hear from!!!!!

    Yes, That is the old one i've had for awhile but just isn't economical to drive (w/ a 460), not to mention I think the rings have slid around to create major blowby. :banghead3 :banghead3 :banghead3 So I need to yank the motor out and take it apart and with all the extra time I have the last year or so, I still haven't gotten it done. :rolleyes:

    I would still love to have a 78-79 F150-250 w/ straight six 4X4 just for daily driving. I could sell me 02' S10 then, altough the S10 might be a bit more reliable.... LOL

    I steal my dads ol 77 F100 2wd rust bucket from time to time to drive to work. I just enjoy them old trucks.

  6. Hello Al..

    Hello Al..

    We are practically neighbors. I live in Galveston.. just North of Kokomo. I retired from Chrysler Corporation in Kokomo and I am the outdoor columnist for the Kokomo Perspective newspaper.

    I lived at North Grove for 6 years before building a new home here in Galveston. I used to rabbit and bird hunt the tracks from North Grove to McGrawsville. As a matter of fact.. one of my deer hunting buddies lives just outside McGrawsville.. (Big Ed Carver..)

    Just thought I would say HOWDY!!!
    Bud Fields