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Wild Hog Hunting

Discussion in 'Indiana Bowhunting' started by Wanatah, Jan 18, 2005.

  1. Wondering if anyone can advise. Is there any areas to hunt wild hogs in Indiana? I've hunted them with a bow in kentucky (paid hunt). What I'm looking for is public areas. Also what are the laws, seasons & rules for hunting hogs in IN.

    Any info, help, is much appreciated.

  2. No. They are not on any public ground in a huntable number yet that I know of.

    There are some on private ground and it's darn near impossible to get permission to hunt them there. Any ground with a hint of wild hogs is tieed up tight in a lease or family members.

    I live where they are suppose to be and I've spent some considerable time researching it.

    There are hogs on Crane but only people who work there are allowed to hunt them at this time.

    Good luck in your search,

  3. i cant help you out .but if you ever find a place please let me know .always been a dream of mine to get a hog with a bow.its gotta rock.....deer dude.
  4. Deer Dude,

    As stated in my first post, I have taken a hog with my bow in the past. It was a paid hunt in Kentucky. The hunt was with guides and dogs for 3 days. I went with a group of 8 friends. 4 of them had been to this place in the past & they made it an annual trip.

    I must say I was dissapointed with the hunt experience. My friends told me what a great and challenging experience it was. Personally I thought it was like shooting fish in a barrel. Maybe my expectations were to high. I'm a deer hunter. We all know what a challenge it is to take a deer with a bow. Some years you score and some you dont. The place I hunted consisted of 800 fenced in acres. Witin the first hour we had 3 hogs down. By noon I had taken 180 LB hog. We were walking a trail and a group of six hogs just walked out in front of me. I picked the biggest 1 and put an arrow through its boiler room. Within 5 minutes I was posing for photos. I guess I was expecting a challenge more like deer hunting. Granted, an outfitter wants his customers to harvest what they pay for. I have absolutely nothing agaist the outfitter, he did his job. My expectations of the challenge were too high.

    The meat was wonderful. I butchered the hog myself. I took the hams to a local butcher and had them smoked. I served a ham on Easter at our family get together, which went over very well.

    Personally, I want to try hog hunting on my own terms. Locate your quarry, stalk, stillhunt, hit, miss. That's hunting. That's the challenge. I'll keep looking for public areas or private farms that hold wild hogs, uncaged, in Indiana. I have no problem paying a farmer to hunt his land. Just give the oppurtunity to hunt.
  5. there is a lodge in williamsburg indiana called bowguns that has hogs .a bit expensive . but you can reach them at but im like you i would rather find them in the wild than behind a fence.......deer dude
  6. Response

    I grew up in Georgia and Hogs are considered a nuisance species there because they cause considerable damage to the creek systems. The challenge with the ones down there is that many years ago a landowner imported some Black Hills Boar from Germany (known for their size and ferocity), anyway these got out and mixed with some escaped pigs and there you get the feral hog. Those pigs get pretty big but also the tusks are sharp and they don't die so easy when stuck or shot. There are plenty of stories of dogs and people being ripped open by angry pigs so be careful.
  7. Evidently the is no longer in business. I would love to find an area to hunt hogs here in Indiana.
  8. anytime you wanna come down to the south........ive got people that can take you. we consider them varmints and want everyone shot. they've ruined good hunting clubs down here and 1 of my own. I hate them things.
  9. yep yep.....IMHO pigs "wild hogs" need to be kept OUT if IN.....they are nasty critters to say the rats or cats...bad for "native" wildlife and VERY hard on crops...
  10. I just got an invite Friday to go hog hunting in Georgia... with free accomodations. Too bad I just got back from vacation... that would have been a cool trip.
  11. You can waste a bunch of time looking for them in Indiana and looking for a place to get permision and wishing in one hand...

    ...or you can just drive a hundred miles further south to the KY TN border in the Danial Boon National Forrest area and just hunt real wild hogs where every one knows they really are and they are killed every day by people who don't know the area any better than you do. The area is all set up with places to stay, and people who know what they are doing, and animals that are not just a farmer's trough hog that got loose last year. They want you to come there, they know what they are doing, and you have a real chance at making a successful effort of it.
  12. Just head south and hunt them. You can hunt them for next to nothing in terms of cost in the south. Just start asking around and before you know it you'll find someone to take you. I posted this one time about how I gained access to Florida hog and turkey hunting rights. It is pretty easy really. For example. EVERYONE knows someone who winters in Florida or South Texas, or many other places in the south. So, I advise you to talk to that person or a couple people you know that winter in Florida. Tell them that you want them to ask around when they get down there to find someone who is into hunting. Most of these older folks love to talk and after asking around a bit, they will find someone. For me, it was my father-in-law. He was in Florida and happened to have a flat tire, so while at the tire shop, he starts talking to the girl behind the counter and asks if she knows anyone who hog hunts. She said something like "yea, everyone down here does and my dad is big into it." Her dad owned the tire shop and when the tire was fixed, my father-in-law and him struck up a conversation. Next thing I know, I got a phone call with this guy's number. I called him, we talked a ton about hunting, and he said "come on down". Four weeks later I was in central Florida hunting hogs. I spent three days with the guy and formed a good friendship that now has turned into an invite for this winter for hogs and this spring for turkeys. There is no guide fees, no money exchanged, no nothing. Just a couple guys that like to hunt. Myself and some friends have a similar arrangement in South Texas. One guy met a local guy, they became friends, and now the local guy gets us onto ranches to hunt free ranging hogs, javelinas, and other critters for very little money, about $100 per day, including lodging. Ends up being a very inexpensive trip.

    Ask around here at home to people who travel those areas, and you will end up with a place to hunt. Hogs are a nuisance and locals down there want them gone.
  13. Wild boar hunts

    were in Ky or Tn. is there wild boar I am a michigan tranplant to southern Indiana and do not know that much about either state any information i sure would appreciate thank you