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Wildlife Sighting!

Discussion in 'Sound Off' started by Rowdy, Jul 1, 2006.

  1. Rowdy


    I would like to start this thread for all the little things we see through the week.

    I saw a beauticul ringneck pheasant yesterday, it crossed the road in front of me.

    We see things all the time, now we have a place to post it. Even if its just a rabbit playing around its neat to watch and most people dont see the beauty in it......lets here what you all have seen.
  2. Wildlife seen, the last week of June 2006

    This past week, while on my morning 1-mile walk. I saw the following:

    (1) Four skunks
    (2) Several Rabbits, both grown & Bunnies
    (3) See on average around 8 Deer per day
    (4) Saw numerous Fawns about
    (5) Numerous other wildlife (Birds, Box Turtles, snakes, Etc.)

  3. Every evening I see a family of rabbits in my yard feeding. Saw some squirrels in my yard this morning. Up until this year I had not seen any squirrels in my neigborhood. Saw over 35 deer this week while out driving around. I have seen several quail this week running the edge of a country road and I saw a hen Pheasant earlier in the week.
  4. OOPS! Got to mention that I have seen more Squirrels this Spring & Summer. Looks to be a productive Squirrel season.;)
  5. yesterday i saw 3 does in the bean field behind the house. 2 days ago i saw a cyote in the same spot. today i had a half grown groundhog in my yard eating my flowers. somehow i don't care he's a cute little fella. he lives under my neighbors gerage. trapped a possum in my neighbors yard trying to get a skunk living under his shed.
  6. I have a Groundhog living under one of our back buildings, that I see on occasions. Just don't have the heart to shoot him.....Just getting old, I guess.
  7. 1 5 raccoons on my porch last nite

    2 Countless deer

    3 A cock pheasant

    4 numerous rabbits out back

    5 a few squirrels, one was grey

    6 an owl sat in a tree in my front yard for a while

    7 I shot 1 groundhog(I am not that old!)

    8 went back to the lake and saw a few blue herrons

    9 almost mowed over a painted turtle

    10 and a hummingbird visited my feeder

    all in all I love it here!
  8. Well at my place it's always a zoo.
    We have goats, cats,chickens and a dog. Across in the field I see one to seven deer a day and we see and hear ringnecks and listen to the great sound of BOBWHITE, also raccoons and rabbits.
  9. while me and the wife were out fishing this morning we seen a bald eagle.we were at patoka lake, sure is a beautiful bird really big
  10. While in Canada last week, we saw two bears. One was a cub swimming across the lake, the other was a big male crossing the road. Also saw four bald eagles coming home today...awesome!
  11. Saw 2 does and 2 fawns tonight feeding in a bean field at dusk and a single doe feeding in a clear cut along a walking trail in the woods this evening.
  12. Wildlife Sighting

    Will at the inlaws last weekend, my Springer flushed a hen turkey and her brood. It was completely unexpected as they let us get within 10 yards before they took off. Funny, when I'm actually hunting them they never let me get that close.
  13. I gave up running years ago.
  14. 4 deer 2 baby racoons (that won't leave my garbage cans alone. 2 coyotes and a partridge in a pear tree.
  15. came home last night and a coon was trying to get my garbage. i didn't reconize him he was wearing a mask.