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Winchester closing doors

Discussion in 'Reloading, Target Shooting, and Modern Firearms' started by reloader, Mar 5, 2006.

  1. I had just heard Winchester is going to close their doors march 31,their keeping the ammo division,this would be a incredible loss,has anyone heard if theres a likelyhood of another company buying them out and continue the tradition as Ithica has?
  2. hope so

    I shoot a model 1300. This weaon has done well for me. If anyone else owns the waterfowler 1300 with a 30 in. barrel and wants to part with it email me I'm interested.

  3. I have heard they are relocating to japan. Cant wait to see how this effects quality. The american ammunition manufacturer is picking up and leaving.... and leaving plenty of americans without jobs. Anybody else think we are headed for a depression real quick if something isnt done about all our business leaving the country...
  4. I heard only parts of it is closing like the 30/30 lever action.
  5. Winchester Model 140 semi-auto 12 ga. user here...used it for years to take many deer, rabbits, pheasant, quail, and gonna' kill a turkey with it this year.
  6. love my 1300

    I shoot a pump better because i slow down between shots. My experience with semi auto's is not favorable. The enviorment like mud, canada soil, and ice I have found the pump will out perform most semi's when conditions are bad. The news about winchester closing was not good but if you remember Johnson/Evenrude outboard companies had financial trouble until Bombadier corp. out of Canada bailed them out and now they have the best outboard (e-tec) made. I hope the same fate for winchester. A strong historical name and company should not be gone forever.
  7. DBurris I shoot a pump also. found out that if I use a pump I take my time and I am able to hit what I am aiming at. Where with a auto i'm just shooting.
  8. 410

    I watch alot of shooters during dove season and the better shots use pumps and doubles the auto loaders burn the most powder with fewer hits
  9. WEll i made up my mind to buy only American made firearms now,Beretta,H&K ect. might have dandy guns,but its that competition thats killing our industry here.Browning is made in Japan,a fine gun,but 'Japan' on the barrel i never liked.
  10. reloader I understand BUT......

    I LOVE the USA BUT!!!! American companies whether its firearms, cars or tv's, the consumer will push manufacturing into creating a better product by competion. The boundery lines that we cross by buying products made in other countrys is not a bad thing. Hell even Nascar will have Toyota's running in a few years. Keep your options open, the USA will always be the leader in spending it's up to US companies to deliver a quality product.
  11. When Nascar goes i'll quit watching!Your right about products being cometitive,and producing quality ,but Winchester always has,their just not moving them out the door enough to make it now,the problem may be TOO MUCH competition as look at how many custom rifles you have to choose from now,usually bigger companies push out smaller ones,i think it's worked in reverse possibly.Maybe we need another Clinton type in the White house,Ol'e Bill was responsible for getting more guns sold than anything else in history,but i'd hate to go that route again.
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  12. Make a quality product

    I personally have been thru this take over,I started with Mcquiks oilchange co.based out of Muncie In. Quakerstate minute lube researched what we we doing found out the could not compete with us instead they bought us! We then were in dirrect competetion with Jiffy lube who was unable to capture the market so they then bought Qlube and now I am a Jiffy lube franchisee. No its not fair but if do a good service or make a quality products keep you financial right sucess happens. Sorry you will stop being a nascar fan but it will be fun watching the good ol boys KNOCKING JAPANIZE SHEET METAL INTO THE WALLS.
    Winchester will show up somewhere too valuable of a name not to.
  13. Ok i'll restate it differantly,i'll quit watching Nascar when motors win,and spend more time oiling my U.S. made Winchesters;)
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  14. Motors Win?

    Last time I checked a car can't win without a driver! Keep greasing that old winchester you may go blind:dizzy: